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Quolnok, and "The Infosphere Welcoming Committee" 09:27, 2 November 2009 (UTC)

SpongeBot SquareBolts

What makes you say that the article wasn't written correctly? Sanfazer 00:17, 1 August 2011 (CEST)

There was obviously no proper introduction, and the article was describing the scene, not the character. Besides, saying SquareBolts wasn't an upgrade to Squarepants to fit with the changing world is like saying 30th Century Fox was never meant to be an updated 20th Century Fox--Icyweaner2999 00:39, 1 August 2011 (CEST)

The news archive

I respect what you are trying to do, but having a tidy archive isn't the purpose of having one. It's to show how each item appeared on the front page. When it's on the front, correcting it is fine but after it's been removed it's put in cold storage forever, typos and all. -- DeepSpaceHomer 01:05, 1 August 2011 (CEST)

Less hostility

I am already getting a lot of complaints on your behaviour from various sources. I suggest you tone your stance against our notability policy down or go back to Wikipedia. --Sviptalk 13:35, 4 August 2011 (CEST)

Also, rather than just removing content, try to ask why it is there initially. A lot of your edits could been avoided if you felt less you above everything. --Sviptalk 13:36, 4 August 2011 (CEST)


As I've said before, please start indenting your comments on talk pages to make the whole discussion much easier to follow. You indent by adding ":" in front of your reply. Thanks! - akitalk 17:55, 9 August 2011 (CEST)

How dare you coerce me into a vote after threatening to stalk me--Icyweaner2999 18:08, 9 August 2011 (CEST)
1) This discussion has nothing to do with the vote currently held at Talk:Möbius Dick, which I assume you are referring to.
2) Do you mean this?
Scott S. (Icyweiner2999):
No, your arguments are not winning, not just because Buddy admitted to blocking me for no reason except to abuse his power, and he posted private emails on a public website, which is a complete violation of privacy, and is just as bad as someone posting an embarrassing picture of you on the internet
Anton Nordenfur (Aki):
When did he admit to banning you for no reason except to abuse his powers? I must have missed that.
No, it was not a violation of your privacy, since the e-mails concerned the Infosphere and the ban. If you don't start behaving I could post all these e-mails there as well? :)
If you find any embarrassing pictures of me you are welcome to post them wherever. Problem is, I'm never embarrassing, I'm always awesome.
Reread it. I obviously never said I would stalk you. I wouldn't see the point in that. - akitalk 18:17, 9 August 2011 (CEST)