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Documentation for {{item infobox}}


This is for items, inventions, objects and the like. However, there are times where other infoboxes might prevail over this, such as {{character infobox}}, then let them prevail and use those instead.

Consider this as a fall back infobox, until {{misc infobox}} is created.


{{item infobox
|name          =
|image         = [[Image:AwaitingScreenie.jpg|225px]]
|image text    = (optional)
|image2        = An alternate image (optional)
|image text2   = (optional)
|type          = (optional)
|inventor      = (optional)
|owner         = (optional)
|origin        = (optional)
|usage         = (optional)
|status        = (optional)
|creator       = (optional) Use when "inventor" doesn't cut it.
|voiced by     = (optional)
|first appear  =
|wikipedia     = (optional) In case a Wikipedia article may have more interesting stuff

See also

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