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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Template:E]] - ''for full length episode links.''
* [[Template:E]] - ''for full length episode links.''
* [[Template:C]] - ''similar as above, just for comics.''</noinclude><includeonly>{{eslink|{{e/codes/{{e/titles/{{{1}}}}}}}|{{e/titles/{{{1|1ACV01}}}}}}}</includeonly>
* [[Template:C]] - ''similar as above, just for comics.''</noinclude><includeonly>{{#ifeq:{{{1|}}}|the game|[[Futurama (video game)|the game]]|{{eslink|{{e/codes/{{e/titles/{{{1}}}}}}}|{{e/titles/{{{1|1ACV01}}}}}}}}}</includeonly>

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This template allows for you to make short episode links.


*{{es|Space Pilot 3000}}

Would produce:

See also