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Documentation for {{article}}


To place articles on where their state and focus are, in par with the levelling system of the Infosphere.


The template takes five parameters.

Can be one of the five following variables:
  • stub
  • start
  • developed
  • good
  • brilliant
Can be one of the four following variables:
  • null
  • a
  • b
  • c

Please see Infosphere:Levelling system for the values of these variables.

feature-year (optional)
Must be a 4 digit numeral value, e.g. 2022
feature-week (optional)
Must be a 1-2 digit numeral value, note: only for articles before July, 2006
feature-month (optional)
Must be the month's full name (e.g. January), note: only for articles before September, 2008
feature-fortnight (optional)
Must be a 1-2 digit numeral value, note: only for articles after September, 2008

Note: If no featured parameter is specified, it is assumed that it is not a featured article.

|quality           = stub, start, developed, good or brilliant
|focus             = null, c, b or a
|feature-year      = (optional)
|feature-week      = (optional)
|feature-month     = (optional)
|feature-fortnight = (optional)

Note: For featured articles, if more than one of the sub-specifications is specified (i.e. -week, -month and -fortnight), only one of them will be picked in the following priority order: fornight, month and week.