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Tertiary character
Providing rump-rattling beats for everyone (3ACV06).
ProfessionDisc jockey
First appearance"Bendless Love" (3ACV06)
Voiced byUnknown

"Scratchmo" was the disc jockey who provided music during Robot Nite at The Hip Joint. After Bender (disguised as Flexo) asked Angleyne to dance with him, he approached Scratchmo and asked the DJ to play music that they could both dance to (3ACV06). Scratchmo was bribed with money that Bender had earned being a scab at the bending plant, which inflamed the rage of the Donbot.

Additional info


  • The real name of the DJ is never learned. "Scratchmo" is a nickname which Bender gives when he is bribing the DJ.
  • "Scratchmo" is a portmanteau of "scratch", which is to move a vinyl record back and forth on a turntable, and "Satchmo", the nickname of jazz legend Louis Armstrong.


    Bender: Hey Scratchmo, how 'bout dropping me and the lady some rump-rattling beats? [He takes out his cash and throws it at Scratchmo.]