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== People ==
== People ==
*Fry, former recruit
*Fry, former cadet
*The [[Sound Effects 5000]], former recruit
*The [[Spotty Teen Robot]], former cadet
*The [[Sound Effects 5000]], former cadet
*[[Fat-bot]], former cadet
*[[Chief O'Mannahan]], leader
*[[Chief O'Mannahan]], leader
*[[Gretsky]], former recruit
== Additional info ==
== Additional info ==

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For other uses, see Academy (disambiguation).
Police Academy
Police Academy.png
Police Academy in 3011 (6ACV16).
LocationNew New York
First appearance"Law and Oracle" (6ACV16)

Police Academy is a school for NNYPD recruits. Fry enrolled in 3011 (6ACV16).


Additional info



    Chief O'Mannahan: Police Academy is not for everybody. You're gonna get your boobs scuffed.