Mystic aldermen of the sun

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Tertiary characters
Mystic aldermen of the sun
Mystic aldermen of the sun.png
The mystic aldermen of the sun in the Planet Express sub-basement, in 3013 (7ACV18).
AgeOver a billion years [1]
SpeciesEnergy beings
Planet of originSun
ProfessionRulers of the sun (presumably)
First appearance"The Inhuman Torch" (7ACV18)
Mystic alderman #1Phil LaMarr
Mystic alderman #2Billy West

The mystic aldermen of the sun are presumably the sun's rulers.

In 3013, the fire monster Flamo, who told Bender that, a billion years prior, he attempted to overthrow the democratically elected aldermen from his district, but was captured and imprisoned, started a fire in the Planet Express headquarters, as part of a plot to become supreme alderman of Earth (7ACV18). The mystic aldermen then appeared as if by magic in the Planet Express sub-basement, and took Flamo back.

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    Mystic alderman #1: Thank you for your heroism, Earth robot. You have saved your planet from becoming a lifeless ball of fire.
    Mystic alderman #2: You are now the greatest hero in Earth's history.
    Bender: Yes! Suck it, Gilgamesh.
    Mystic alderman #1: Goodbye forever.



  1. ^ If the same aldermen that Flamo attempted to overthrow.