Mr. and Mrs. Kroker

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Tertiary characters
Mr. and Mrs. Kroker
Planet of originAmphibios 9
First appearanceThe Beast with a Billion Backs
Mr KrokerBilly West
Mrs KrokerTress MacNeille

Mr. and Mrs. Kroker are the parents of Kif Kroker. Being Amphibiosans, they have reached the final stage of their life cycle as colonies of flying hookworms. At Kif's Fonfon Rubok with Amy Wong, their first meeting with her parents proved to be quite awkward.


  • Kif, their son.
  • Amy Wong, their daughter-in-law.
  • Possibly dozens of other offspring.
  • Kif's offspring (their grandchildren).
  • Turanga Leela, the mother of their grandchildren.

Additional Info


  • Inez Wong accidentally squished the hookworm that stood in for Mr. Kroker's left testicle.
  • Breath spray appears to be noxious to them.
  • As they are Amphibiosan, it is unclear which of the two is Kif's birth parent and which is the Smizmar.


    Inez Wong: Kif's parents come late and we have to stand around in swamp, getting eaten alive by damn bugs?! [She squashes one of the bugs.]
    Kif Kroker: Mrs Wong, no! The final stage of my species' life cycle is a colony of flying hookworms. You just squashed part of my father.
    [The bugs gather into a large swarm. The swarm forms a hand that shakes with Leo and Inez.]
    Kif's father: Welcome.
    Inez Wong: Sorry. I guess you got plenty of bugs to spare, though.
    Kif's father: That was my left testicle.
    Bender: And the awkward meter goes up another notch!