Linda's children

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Tertiary character
Linda's children
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RelativesLinda, mother
First appearance"Benderama" (6ACV17)

Linda's children were mentioned in a Channel √2 News broadcast during the time when the Bender duplicates consumed all the alcohol on Earth. Morbo stated that consequences due to the drought were minimal except among the most hardened of alcoholics. [6ACV17] He turned the report to Linda, who was jittery from withdrawal and screamed that she could no longer face her children.

Additional info


  • Given that Linda claims she cannot face her children without alcohol, it's possible that she imbibes because her children are brats, or perhaps she doesn't want her children to see her in alcohol withdrawal. This is understandable, as she is a complete emotional wreck if sober.


    Morbo: Our top story: all alcohol on Earth has mysteriously disappeared. Consequences are minimal, except among the most hardened alcoholics. Linda?
    Linda: [nervously] I can no longer face my children!
    [Linda cries.]