Ladies of 50,000,000 AD

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Tertiary characters
Ladies of 50,000,000 AD
The Late Philip J. Fry.png
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"The Late Philip J. Fry" (6ACV07)
Woman in pink
Woman in green
Tress MacNeille
Woman in cyanKath Soucie

The Ladies of 50,000,000 AD are the inhabitants of Earth in the year 50000000, a verdant paradise. They are very beautiful, dress in skimpy clothes and use negative mass neutrino fields for backwards time travel. Fry, Bender and the Professor encountered these women while searching for a backwards-traveling time machine. Fry and the Professor wanted to at least stay for their fertility banquet, but Bender (upset that they didn't stay in 10000000) reactivated the forward time machine.

Additional Info


  • As they are almost all women, they value men regardless of age or intelligence.
  • Hold fertility banquets.
  • Can apply oil without using their hands.
  • A female dominated society could be based on the shrinking Y chromosome, which is theorized will eventually force males into extinction (see this). (However, this theory has been challenged heavily.)


    Woman in pink: Greetings, time travelers.
    Bender: [mumbling] Stupid jerks wouldn't let me stay in the good future.
    Fry: How do you know we're time travelers?
    Woman in green: We too studied the time travel enigma.
    Woman in cyan: We have perfected a method using negative mass neutrino fields that allow us to travel backwards in time.
    Farnsworth: My name is Hubert.
    Fry: [joyous] All right! We can go home!
    Bender: [mocking] Nah-nah! We can go... [He makes a fart sound and does a thumbs down in disapproval.]
    Woman in pink: We can talk about our research tomorrow. Men are very rare in our society. Even very old and stupid males are prized. [Farnsworth and Fry smiles.] Tonight, please be the guests of honor at our fertility banquet.
    Farnsworth: Well, there is certainly no harm in a fertility banquet.
    Fry: I can eat. And fertilize.
    Woman in pink: Very well, anoint our guests in oil without using our hands.