John Delaney

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An animation director and designer for the past 20 years (Voltron Force, Chaotic), as well as a comic book artist for DC Comics (Adventures in the DC Universe, Justice League Adventures, Superman vs Lobo), John Delaney is currently an artist for Bongo Comics Group. He has supplied the art for many stories in Futurama Comics, Simpsons Comics, and Bart Simpson Comics.


Futurama Comics

Bart Simpson Comics

  • 21 "The Three Stages Of Teaching"
  • 22 "The Birth of a Salesman"
  • 23 "Special Delivery"
  • 24 "Bart's Got Spirit!"
  • 25 "Box Office Bingo"
  • 31 "Shopping for School Supplies the Bart Simpson Way!"

Simpsons Comics

  • 102 "Uncle Burn$"
  • 120 "Homer Drops The Ball!"