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Femputer's disguise

Species: Robot
Planet of Origin: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Voiced By: Beatrice Arthur
First Appearance: "Amazon Women in the Mood" (3ACV01)


Femputer's real appearance

The Femputer is a fembot diguised as a Femputer so she can rule the Amazonians. She came from a planet ruled by a manbot diguised as a manputer. Whenever men come to her planet she punishes them although she fell in love with Bender when he discovered who she really was.

Additional Info


Bender: Ooh I'm a scary Femputer, release the prisoners. And bring gold, lots of gold.
Amazonian: Gold? Why Femputer want gold?
Femputer: You heard the man.


"Amazon Women in the Mood" (3ACV01)