Enos Fry

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
Enos Fry
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionUSAAF Private
Relatives"Minuteman" Yancy Fry, ancestor
see also Presumed Family
First appearance"Roswell that Ends Well" (3ACV19)
Voiced byBilly West

Private Enos Fry was a Private First Class stationed at the Roswell Army Airfield in 1947 and was dating a woman (Philip J Fry's grandmother) named Mildred. When Fry came to 1947, he lead Enos off the base and became obsessed with keeping him alive, believing he was his grandfather and fearing for his own existence. He eventually took Enos to the middle of nowhere, which turned out to be an atomic test site where he was killed in a nuclear blast. Prior to his death, Enos was apparently questioning his sexuality.

Near Deaths

  • Falling on a pile of rusty bayonets (possible fatal wound or later death from Tetanus)
  • Eating microchips
  • Salmonella poisoning from raw chicken

Presumed Family

It is believed that Mildred Fry took the Fry name and claimed that her child was Enos's, this list is of people believing Enos to be a relative.

Additional Info


  • In "The Luck of the Fryrish", Yancy Sr. told Yancy Jr "your name is Yancy, just like me and my grandfather and so on. All the way back to minuteman Yancy Fry, who blasted commies in the American Revolution." It is believed that Mildred pretended her child was Enos' son and named it after Enos' father due to the difficulties she would otherwise have had in the 1940's as the mother of an illegitimate child.
  • Enos is clearly a parody of Gomer Pyle of the Andy Griffith Show and later—and more related to Enos—of his own spin-off, both in intelligence and speech. His exclamation of "gadzooks" is analogous to Gomer's "shazam". His sergeant is also a parody of Sgt. Carter.
  • In the Italian dub his name is Gavinus and he speaks with Sardinian accent.
  • Although he was supposedly the father of Yancy Fry Sr., he bears a bigger resemblance to Mrs. Fry.


    Enos: Well, gadzooks!

    Fry: You almost got neutered!
    Enos: Well, 'taint as bad as gettin' killed.
    Fry: For me it is!

    Fry: She sure is pretty. You ought to marry her and father some children right away.
    Enos: Yeah, folks say that, but do you ever get the feelin' you're only going with girls 'cause you're supposed to?
    Fry: What!? Don't ever, ever say or think that again! Please, just concentrate on staying alive.