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|name=Emperor Nikolai
|name=Emperor Nikolai
|image text=Emperor Nikolai aboard his yatch [[R. M. S. Overkill]].
|image text=Emperor Nikolai aboard his yacht [[R. M. S. Overkill]].

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Secondary character
Emperor Nikolai
Emperor Nikolai aboard his yacht R. M. S. Overkill.
Date of birthBefore 2310
Planet of originRobo-Hungary, Earth
RelativesFlavia, wife
Bassor, cousin
First appearance"The Prisoner of Benda" (6ACV10)
Voiced byUnknown

Emperor Nikolai is the rich and eccentric robot emperor of Robo-Hungary, described by Richard Nixon's head as "an insane dictator and a heck of a bowler".

In 3010, while visiting New New York for a UN conference, he met Bender Bending Rodriguez and agreed upon swapping bodies with him to try live the life of a regular citizen, fed up with his riches and his power. Meanwhile, his cousin Bassor and his wife are having an affair, and plan to assassinate Nikolai in order for Bassor to gain the throne. While Bassor is killed by Robot Clowns, the fate of his lover is unknown. From the last we've seen of Nikolai, he swore to change his cruel, dictatic ways now that he himself has tried the life of a regular robot.

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