Device that makes anyone sound like Farnsworth

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Device that Makes Anyone Sound Like Farnsworth
TypeVoice Manipulator
InventorThe Professor
Owner(s)The Professor
First appearance"The Route of All Evil" (3ACV12)

The Device that Makes Anyone Sound Like Farnsworth was created by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth himself. It's a brown-coloured machine which changes one's voice to sound like his. Cubert and Dwight used it to trick the Planet Express crew into going on a fake delivery to a planet that doesn't exist (3ACV12).

Additional Information


  • There is no target market for this device, only potential consumer, which Farnsworth describes as targets that will tremble in fear as their new masters hand down edicts in my glorious booming voice.
  • If the Professor were to use it, his voice would be outputted approximately one second after he talks into it.