Commentary:Stench and Stenchibility

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Commentary for
Stench and Stenchibility
Stench and Stenchibility infobox.png
Production number7ACV25
Recorded date2013 (considering dates of commentaries for 7ACV14 and 7ACV26)
On DVDSeason 7
Disc 4
Matt Groening
Executive producer
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Eric Horsted
Co-executive producer / writer
Billy West
Voice of Fry, the professor, Zoidberg
John DiMaggio
Voice of Bender, Randy
Lauren Tom
Voice of Amy
Tress MacNeille
Voice of Hattie, Petunia, Dr Cahill, Mrs Astor, Zindy
Peter Avanzino
Supervising director
Crystal Chesney-Thompson
Claudia Katz
Lee Supercinski


Highlights / quotes

    David X. Cohen: Roberto the robot was built... He was purposely constructed to be a murderous robot... first of all...
    [Someone laughs.]
    John DiMaggio: Yes.
    David X. Cohen: And secondly they said "while we're at it let's give him a really... good sense of smell, [John DiMaggio and Lauren Tom laugh.] 'cuz that could come in handy"...
    Claudia Katz: So he could smell fear.
    [Tress MacNeille laughs.]
    John DiMaggio: Don't ever challenge David X. Cohen to dig himself out of a hole, 'cuz he will... and then put all the dirt upon you. [sic]