Worlds of Tomorrow Shipping District

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The Shipping District was the first district avaialble in Worlds of Tomorrow.

Shipping District Downtown District


Image Name Cost Class Description
Amy WOT.png Amy Nixonbucks.png 150
Comes with O'Zorgnax's Pub
Scientist Before you ask, I'm keeping my clothes on.
Calculon WOT.png Calculon Pizza.png 300
Comes with Box Network
Captain Was I trapped in a perpendicular universe or was that merely another amazing ACTING PERFORMANCE?
Fry WOT.png Fry Free, Automatic Delivery Boy N/A
Hyper-Chicken WOT.png Hyper-Chicken Pizza.png 150
Comes with Earth Supreme Court
Influencer That was some finger-lickin' good finger-tappin'.
Professor WOT.png The Professor Hypnotons.png 10 to stabilize
Comes with Planet Express Building
Scientist Good news, everyone! I can feel my heartbeat again.


Image Name Cost Build time Description
711 WOT.png 711 Nixonbucks.png 200 1m Open 1977326743 hours a day.
Temple WOT.png Artifact Building Hypnotons.png 10 to clear
Holds the Artifacts
5s Artifact Building
Box Network WOT.png Box Network Pizza.png 300
Comes with Calculon
0s A fair and balanced delivery service.
Church of Trek WOT.png Church of Trek Pizza.png 100 0s The Sci-Fi religion that doesn't take all your money.
Supreme Court WOT.png Earth Supreme Court Pizza.png 150
Comes with Hyper-Chicken
0s Nine justices. No waiting.
Loews WOT.png Loew's Aleph-Null-Plex Pizza.png 150 0s Still not enough screens for every "Rocky" movie.
O'Zorgnax's Pub WOT.png O'Zorgnax's Pub Nixonbucks.png 150
Comes with Amy
6s It's always 5 o'clock in the parallel universe of stopped clocks.
Planet Express WOT.png Planet Express Building Hypnotons.png 10 to stabilize
Comes with The Professor
3s N/A
Robot 1-X Pods WOT.png Robot Workers House Robot 1-X WOT.png: Free
Robot 1-X WOT.pngRobot 1-X WOT.png: Pizza.png 50
Robot 1-X WOT.pngRobot 1-X WOT.pngRobot 1-X WOT.png: Pizza.png 125
Robot 1-X WOT.pngRobot 1-X WOT.pngRobot 1-X WOT.pngRobot 1-X WOT.png: Pizza.png 300
0s Home of Rebellionbot, quiet contended laborer.


Image Name Cost Description
Bachelor Chow Billboard WOT.png Bachelor Chow Billboard Nixonbucks.png 100 You don't have to be sad and lonely to eat this stuff, but it helps.
BachelorChowBillboard WOT.png Bachelor Chow Billboard Nixonbucks.png 100 You don't have to be sad and lonely to eat this stuff, but it helps.
Beech Tree WOT.png Beech Tree Nixonbucks.png 50 The hot-sheet motel of the bird world.
Blernsball Stadium WOT.png Blernsball Stadium Nixonbucks.png 1000 Every Tuesday is Smizmars' Day!
Blue Flowers WOT.png Blue Flower Bed Nixonbucks.png 10 The blue is really just dye; they have grey roots.
Boxwood Bush WOT.png Boxwood Bush Nixonbucks.png 50 Please don't beat your kids around it.
City Tree WOT.png City Tree Nixonbucks.png 50 It's a city tree. Don't make eye contact.
Cobblestone Tree WOT.png Cobblestone Tree Nixonbucks.png 50 Turns CO2 into oxygen. Turns dog pee into ammonia. Everybody wins!
Cryostasis Chamber WOT.png Cryostasis Chamber Free Ted Williams: Yes. Walt Disney: No.
Cypress Tree WOT.png Cypress Tree Nixonbucks.png 50 No Italian villa with a long driveway is complete without them.
Fenced Tree WOT.png Fenced Tree Nixonbucks.png 50 In future, trees fence YOU off!
Green Flower Bed WOT.png Green Flower Bed Nixonbucks.png 10 The leaves and the flowers are both green. Do not adjust your eyeballs.
Hornbeam Tree WOT.png Hornbeam Tree Nixonbucks.png 50 Global warming's sworn enemy.
Indigo Flower Bed WOT.png Indigo Flower Bed Nixonbucks.png 10 If these look purple to you, you may be moving at near-light-speed.
Juniper Bush WOT.png Juniper Bush Nixonbucks.png 300 Mail Carrier: Please leave parcels for resident bums on the rear mulch.
Jurassic Kiddie Park WOT.png Jurassic Kiddie Park Pizza.png 75 The T-Rexes have been defanged -- but the ice-cream guy hasn't!
Mailbox WOT.png Mailbox Nixonbucks.png 300 Anthrax in the anthrax slot only, please. All other bacilli use first-class.
Neatly Trimmed Hedge WOT.png Neatly Trimmed Hedge Nixonbucks.png 50 For really short people who like their privacy.
Orange Flower Bed WOT.png Orange Flower Bed Nixonbucks.png 10 Roses are red / Violets are blue / These are orange / And violets aren't blue.
Peach Flower Bed WOT.png Peach Flower Bed Nixonbucks.png 10 If you find these attractive, you may be a bee. Or a normal person.
Pharoah Bender WOT.png Pharoah Bender Pizza.png 200 Makes the pyramids look like a pile of rocks.
Pink Flowers WOT.png Pink Flower Bed Nixonbucks.png 10 Thornless roses, thanks to genetic engineering. So go on -- feel 'em up good!
Plane Tree WOT.png Plane Tree Nixonbucks.png 50 There's no sense in which this name is accurate.
Purple Flower Bed WOT.png Purple Flower Bed Nixonbucks.png 10 They grow incredibly high. Everyone smiles as you drift past them. It's poetry, man.
Science Lab WOT.png Science Lab Nixonbucks.png 75 It's like a kitchen for nerds.
Slurm Machine WOT.png Slurm Machine Nixonbucks.png 50 It's highly addictive! Now with higher mortality stats.
Small Omicronian Ship WOT.png Small Omicronian Ship Nixonbucks.png 250 Just one previous owner: Krobar, Smelly Dripping Destroyer of Worlds.
Stop Sign WOT.png Stop Sign Nixonbucks.png 50 Why stop now? Because this sign said so.
Streetlight WOT.png Streetlight Nixonbucks.png 50 Now you can see the crime happening.
Yew Bush WOT.png Yew Bush Nixonbucks.png 300 Wild and untamed -- the rebel biker of the garden.


A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Pt. 1

Hypnotoad WOT.png *buzzing*
Professor WOT.png (Under hypnosis) Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.
Good news everyone! We're making a delivery to Amphibios 9, the amphibian homeworld!
The Planet Express crew cheers.
Fry WOT.png Why?
Professor WOT.png (In a monotone voice) NO REASON.
The Planet Express ship travels to Amphibios 9, the jewel of the Swamp Galaxy.
Bender WOT.png I remember this dump. Let's party! (drinks a bottle of Olde Fortran Malt Liquor)
Fry WOT.png What's in the crate, Professor? Some kind of mesmo-frog?
Professor WOT.png Not even close, behold... (smashes crate)
Hypnotoad WOT.png *buzzing*
Professor WOT.png (In a monotone voice) THE HYPNOTOAD.
The Professor, Fry, Leela, and Bender salute. In a monotone voice, together, they state "ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD".
Hypnowaves increase, revealing the female hypnotoad.
Female hypnotoad WOT.png *buzzing*
Leela WOT.png (Gasp) A female hypnotoad! From a perpendicular universe!
Hypnotoad WOT.png *buzzing*
Female hypnotoad WOT.png *buzzing*
Fry WOT.png What are they doing?
Bender WOT.png I don't know, but it sure is sexy. (sexy growl, eyes extended)
Nibbler arrives in his ship.
Nibbler WOT.png Dear God... their demonic toad lust is ripping open the prophylactic membrane between universes!
The hypnowaves extend across the universe.
The rest of the Planet Express crew is watching All My Circuits.
Calculon WOT.png (On All My Circuits) For you see, my terrible secret is...
All My Circuits is interrupted by Breaking News.
Morbo WOT.png This just in...
Linda and Morbo are sucked into a hypnowave. Linda hangs on.
Morbo WOT.png Doooooom!
Linda WOT.png (Laughs) Now, back to All My Circuits.
Linda is pulled into the hypnowave. All My Circuits comes back on.
Calculon WOT.png Once again, my terrible secret is...
The television is sucked into a hypnowave. Amy and Hermes scream as they get sucked in.
Zoidberg WOT.png Hooray! I'm being sucked away with friends! Woo-woo-woo-woo.
On Amphibios 9, the rest of the Planet Express crew is being sucked into the hypnowaves.
Professor WOT.png (After he's sucked into the hypnowave) Whaa?
Bender WOT.png (Screaming, then using his extendo arm to pick up his beer) Ah!
Fry, holding a tree has Leela's hand while she's being sucked into the hypnowave.
Fry WOT.png Don't worry Leela! Love is stronger than gravity!
Leela WOT.png Yeah, but wood isn't!
Leela is sucked into the hypnowave, which then closes.
Fry WOT.png Leeela!
Nibbler arrives in his ship, and picks up Fry.
Nibbler WOT.png Scream in here.
Nibbler and Fry arrive in New New York. Planet Express and the Professor are caught in hypnowaves.
Fry WOT.png Nibbler, we need to go back and save Leela!
Nibbler WOT.png Look around, Fry! Everything is in shambles! You must collect the seven ancient artifacts to clear the hypnowaves and unshamble the universe!
Fry WOT.png I want to write this stuff down but my pen broke.
Nibbler WOT.png The fate of the universe is in your ink-staned hands.
Nibbler flies away in his ship, and Fry waves goodbye.
Fry WOT.png Uh-oh. The Professor's trapped in the Planet Express Building. He's my only living relative AND he's the one who signs my paychecks!
Clear (3s, Hypnotons.png 10).
Stabilization complete! You've finished stabilizing the Planet Express Building and found Professor Farnsworth.
Fry WOT.png Professor! You gotta help me save Leela!
Professor WOT.png Not unless you can prove you can handle a package with care.
Fry WOT.png Then I'll care the crap out of it!
Professor WOT.png That's comforting to know.
Unlock The Professor:
1 perfect package (common) - Have Fry perfectly deliver a package.
1 decoder ring (common) - Have Fry eat breakfast.
Professor WOT.png Thank you for the rescue, Fry. Now's the perfect time to sit in the sun and drink piña coladas like a hippie!
Fry WOT.png But we need to save Leela! Plus, the sun's blotted out by hypnowaves.
Professor WOT.png I certainly can't drink piña coladas in the shade... Very well. I'm forced to survive on cosmos like an independent working girl who's had a long week.
You recruited The Professor!
Fry WOT.png Use that giant brain of yours to figure out how to clear those hypnowaves away already!
Professor WOT.png I'll need my Tractor Beam Gun to do my best Hawking-grade thinking. Now, if you want Einstein-grade thinking, I'll have to get naked.
Professor gets in the mood. Have The Professor Use Tractor Beam Gun. (10s)
Professor WOT.png Good news, Fry! That session with the Tractor Beam Gun allowed me to concentrate on how to clear the hypnowaves!
Fry WOT.png How?
Professor WOT.png Beats me, but it won't have anything to do with tractor beams.
Goal complete: A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Pt. 1 (Nixonbucks.png 50, Xp-wot.png 25)

A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Pt. 2

Nibbler WOT.png Fry, I've returned with an urgent reminder. There are seven ancient Artifacts scattered throughout the universe. You will need to find them in order to clear the hypnowaves. Once the Artifacts are in your possession, they need to be activated. There is a temple near here where you can do that. Clear the next block to reveal the temple. Do you understand?
Fry WOT.png I'm sorry, were you talking to me?
Fry looks for a crewmember. Clear block. (6s) (50 Nixonbucks.png, 25 Xp-wot.png)
Nibbler WOT.png Success! You've found the temple. Activating the Artifacts will clear large areas of hypnowaves.
Fry WOT.png Great. Now what?
Nibbler WOT.png Find the first Artifact by trekking through the dangerous depths of space. Good luck and goodbye.
Fry WOT.png You had me at goodbye.
Mission complete: A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Pt. 2 (50 Nixonbucks.png, 25 Xp-wot.png)

A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Pt. 3

Fry WOT.png I miss Leela so much. Normally I'd drown my sorrows in liquor, but all the bars are in ruins!
Professor WOT.png Oh, boo hoo! Nobody ever said booze would be a simple solution to all your problems!
Fry WOT.png Actually everyone said that.
Fry gets a drink. Build O'Zorgnax's Pub. (6s)
Success! You found Amy Wong.
Fry WOT.png Please, Professor, we have to rescue Leela form that perpendicular universe she's stuck in. What if she finds another man there?...
Professor WOT.png Pfft. Find someone smarter, better-looking and more successful than you? We'd better hurry.
Mission complete: A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Pt. 3 (50 Nixonbucks.png, 25 Xp-wot.png)

A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Pt. 4

Fry WOT.png Amy!? What are you doing inside this bar?
Amy WOT.png As near as I can figure, the transdimensional portal spit me out into the ladies' room. Which is good, because usually the line is out the door.
Unlock Amy:
1 Disco Ball (common) - Have Fry Do the Hustle (6s)
1 Lab Coat (rare) - Have Professor Practice Giving Good News (6s)
1 Science Lab - Get the Science Lab
Success! You recruited Amy Wong.
Amy WOT.png The Professor and I are ready, eager and willing to start saving everyone in the universe from the hypnowaves!
Fry WOT.png That makes three of us! How many people are in the universe?
Amy WOT.png Several quadrillion.
Fry WOT.png Then we'd better split up.
Mission complete: A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Pt. 4 (50 Nixonbucks.png, 25 Xp-wot.png)

A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Pt. 5

Fry WOT.png There's no sign of Leela anywhere. We need to get rid of more hypnowaves if we're gonna find her.
Professor WOT.png Well then, good news, everyone! Using my Smelloscope, I picked up the olfactory signature of an ancient artifact on Omicron Persei 8. I believe it could clear away those annoying Hypnowaves.
Fry WOT.png An artifact that clears Hypnowaves? That's exactly what Nibbler described.
Professor WOT.png It's always Nibbler this, Nibbler that with you, isn't it, Fry? Nothing I do is ever good enough! [SNIFF] I'm sorry. It's just that sniffing space for too long plays havoc with my remaining hormone.
The crew looks for an ancient Artifact. Complete the Cable Guy mission on Omicron Persei 8. Reveal the Downtown District.
Artifact found! You got the Artifact from Omicron Persei 8. Use it to reveal the Downtown District.
Professor WOT.png Good work, Fry! You retrieved the Artifact with no bodily harm!
Fry WOT.png No bodily harm? I'm bleeding internally and I think my skull is fractured!
Professor WOT.png I meant "no bodily harm to ME." Idiot.
Mission complete: A Whole New World (of Tomorrow)! Pt. 4 (50 Nixonbucks.png, 225 Xp-wot.png)