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Buddy13 FW16.png Just thought I'd let you know that every time I see your name, that song plays in my head... "We're whalers on the moon, we're whalers on the moon, but there ain't no whales so we tell tall tales and sing a whaling tune"...

Whotmsig.jpg[Whaler on the Moon] That's why I chose this nick... this song is so damn silly and infectious at the same time, it sticks to your mind - a true Futurama classic. Somehow sad it was not used again. By the way, the first verse goes "We're whalers on the moon, we carry a harpoon..."

Whotmsig.jpg[Whaler on the Moon] It almost seems as if I have way too much time on my hands... but writing is fun, even in English! Just make sure to correct any errors as I am not 100% at home with this language despite my best efforts.


Incidentally, have you posted anything on Space-Pioneers? I ask because it appears to be a German site, and we're getting a large volume of bandwidth through there. If you have, would you mind posting a link to where the stuff is? I like to keep track of such things. It seems it's most likely images that are being linked... Babelfish can only get me so far, though. Buddy13 FW16.png

Whotmsig.jpg[Whaler on the Moon] Never heard of that page... I only work here at the moment, will try and check it out. Please give me the URL as there are several pages that might fit the description. If it's true, I'll give them a little heads-up.

The hits are coming from, specifically, a sub-page called "allypage.htm", but it's a member's site, so you can't go directly to the sub-page without logging in. You don't really have to tell them anything, though. I don't mind for now--we're not even close to reaching our bandwidth limit. I just wanna know what they're linking or using so we know what to prevent if it does become a problem. I think it will be difficult to find, though. Buddy13 FW16.png

Happy Birthday

Probably should've used a different heading, since that's what I wanted to say and now I have nothing to say. But Happy Birthday anyway!

Thanks! August 6 is the date to watch. --Whaler on the Moon 14:15, 11 August 2006 (PDT)

Back again

After sorting out some major personal problems, I think I may drop in again from time to time... I hope to find some work here again. Whaler on the Moon 14:43, 17 October 2007 (PDT)