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Join date. Oct 2nd 2007 first appearance- April 11, 1985


  • all dvds
  • the game (xbox)
  • bender's big score Best Buy edition
  • futurama adventures

favorite charcters

Dr Zoidberg





least favorite charcters


Mom's sons

favorite episodes

The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings

Roswell that Ends Well

The Farnsworth Parabox

least favorite episodes

Mothers Day

A Leela of Her Own

favorite commentary

animatc for Hell is Other Robots

least favorite commentary

Spanish Fry

favorite comic

New Years Rockin Eve

least favorite comic

Freaky Fry Day

favorite title caption

in al thank you for watching futurama human slave

least favorite title caption

In color

favorite writer

David X. Cohen

least favorite writer

won't say

favorite director

Susie Ditter

least favorite director

won't say


  • could have gone to university to be a scientist
  • have large inheritance
  • is a extreamly bad speller and is very anoying as well as a slob