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Fan-Fiction Comic

Fry Goes to College...Again?
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Written byEric Rogers
main comicMike Kazaleh
mini comicJohn Delaney
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Fry Goes to College...Again? is an issue.

The Story

Due to one of the air ducts leading from Scruffy's room to the lab in Planet Express being torn apart, Fry was fired off by the Proffessor and the other co-workers sending him to New New York University where he meets a group of boys for tutoring. The boys, who are stereotypical nerds, try to help Fry but he instead tries to help them party and decides to pull a prank on another college. They steal Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker, but their vehicle is towed. Fry invites them to work with him . His other co-workers become angered by their new workmates.


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