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Mom Twitcher.png
Mom promoting Twitcher
TypeSocial network
First appearance"Attack of the Killer App" (6ACV03)

Twitcher is a famous social network created by Mom. Lots of people are addicted to it, and often upload videos in it. Mom programmed a Twit-worm to control the minds of all Twitcher users so they buy the new eyePhone 2.0 once a user reaches his one millionth follower. Since, upon the activation of the Twit-worm, both Bender and Fry had one million followers, between one and two million zombies walked into the Mom Store to buy the new eyePhone. Information gained over "Twitcher" is often used for advertising purposes.

Additional Info


  • Twitcher is a parody of the social network, Twitter, which was renamed to X when current owner Elon Musk acquired in 2022.