The Futurama Point

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The Futurama Point
Futurama-point march-2010.png
TFP front page - 3 March, 2010.
TypeNews site, fan art catalogue
Launched12 September, 1999
Current statusActive

The Futurama Point (sometimes referred to as Slurmed or by its abbreviation TFP) is a popular Futurama website run solely by "JavieR" out of Ecuador. The slogan of the site is 'The Best Futurama Stuff'.


The Futurama Point was created on 12 September of 1999 by JavieR (a.k.a. javoec) hosted at HomePage, with a very long address: The main objective of the site back then was to concentrate the best stuff from other Futurama Websites, therefore some content of the site was stolen from older sites like The Futurama Outlet. In the next couple years, many original content was added to the site until the site went out of space.

In 7 March, 2000 the site moved to the Killbots Network with the subdomain and it was hosted there for about 7 years with some ups and downs. Even with the Cancellation of Futurama, the site was updated regularly. In 9 April, 2007 the hosting company decided not to host the domain anymore because of spam issues related to TFP.

The Futurama Point re-opened on 14 April, 2007 after 5 days offline in a new paid host with the domain. Since then the site has been growing slowly and it is more focused to bring the fans the latest Futurama news available, and also by featuring content made by the fans.

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