Tank and Truck

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Tertiary character
Tank and Truck
A character design of Truck [1] labelled as being of Tank, which was released by Countdown to Futurama on 30 May 2012. [2]
ProfessionButterfly fighters
First appearance"The Butterjunk Effect" (7ACV06)
TankDawnn Lewis
TruckTress MacNeille

Tank and Truck, collectively known as the murderflies, are women who work as butterfly fighters. In 3012, they were opponents of Amy and Leela (7ACV06).


In 2012, Countdown to Futurama introduced Truck as "Tank" through a character design (released on 30 May) [2] and, through the fifth Futurama podcast (released on 5 June), [1] revealed her actual name, revealed that Tank and Truck were both "really tough characters" and the production team "got very confused themselves over which one was which" and revealed that she was played by Tress MacNeille.

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