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Featured.png Zapp Brannigan appeared on the Infosphere's Main Page as the featured article for February, 2008. This article (or a previous version of it) has been identified as one of the best produced by the Infosphere community. If you can update or improve it, please do.

Whotmsig.jpg[Whaler on the Moon]: One little thing - additional information from the DVDs suggests that Zapp's full name is indeed "Zapp Fitzgerald Brannigan". Should we include this?

Buddy13 FW16.png What disk? If it can be confirmed, it should definitely be included.

Whotmsig.jpg[Whaler on the Moon]: I think it is one of the Season 3 disks. It was in that bit where you get shown how Leela is drawn. In the background, a lot of pictures can be seen, one of them being the one from the Lovenasium showing a certain "John Fitzgerald Brannigan". Here is a link to the picture in question: [1]

Buddy13 FW16.png However, it's a spoof on the famous portrait of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, just like the portrait of Kramer [2] from Seinfeld. The name is clearly a spoof on this (hence the inconsistent first name). It's also the name of the portrait, not the subject. My vote is to not include it. Assuming your vote is to include it, that makes Gopher the deciding vote, as we are the three most active contributors at the moment... Feedback, Gopher?

Whotmsig.jpg[Whaler on the Moon]: We can always include it as a side note, as there is no real evidence of Zapp really bearing that name. However, even in these times a name like "Zapp" seems highly unlikely... maybe it is indeed his true name, and the "Zapp" part is just a nickname? Could be worth mentioning. But I'm good if you decide not to include it - probably not important.

Wikipedia kicked our butts

While I don't condone stealing the text outright, we should probably read through the Wikipedia article, and maybe transfer a bit. But paraphrase, so it's not theft. Either way, this article needs expansion, badly. --Buddy 13:14, 4 January 2007 (PST)


I was re-reading my comics, and in comic 3.0, on page 4, on a shelf of junk there is a box that is labelled "ZAPPED! The Uncensore(d)" and on the cover it has a picture of Zapp and a very surprised looking Leela covering herself with a sheet. Apparently Zapp recorded their 'intimate session' and it is now being sold (at least in flea market junk stores). It's also on page 17. I didn't notice this in the article, but I'm not sure if it should be in there. Do we consider comics canon? Sliferjam 23:27, 6 August 2008 (CEST)

Although I wouldn't be surprised if Zapp did record the session, I don't think comics (just like both of the Anthlogy of Interests) are considered canon. -Mini-Me 23:33, 6 August 2008 (CEST)
Nope, we don't consider the comics cannon. But when something particularly note worthy is only in them it makes it into the main articles (such as Bender's son with Crushinator, or Hermes' year of birth). This info is here in the comic article though. - Quolnok 11:45, 7 August 2008 (CEST)

Zapps rank?

In "When aliens attack" (as the artical says) he is identified as "25 star general Zapp Brannigan" yet later on in "into the wild green Yonda" Nixon calls him Commodore 64 Zapp Brannigan (a possible reference to the game console) - this should be atleast noted in the artical i think. Alexsau1991 21:38, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

Possible? It is a reference. Anyway. Zapp's rank changes throughout the show. Almost as a joke. --Sviptalk 22:38, 31 July 2009 (UTC)
Exactly. Zapp has a different rank each time he's introduced to am audience. He also refered to himself once as "I am the man with no name, Zapp Brannigan."


It says in the article that Zapp was the only really known character to have had sex with both Leela and Amy. But I would say that Fry (not as Lars, but really as Fry) has also had sex with both Leela and Amy. We know he had sex with Amy when they were dating and we can at least assume he had sex with Leela when they were a couple and later even married in the episode "Time Keeps on Slipping". They probably at least had sex in their wedding night. (Probably not AFTER the wedding scene the time slips to where they realise what must have happend but surely BEFORE the divorce scene the time slips to where they again realise what must have happened.)

I must add that I am not sure if the things that happened when the time was slipping actually count.

Though that is possible (or likely) we can't assume anything. Aki 19:34, 18 July 2010 (CEST)
As Aki correctly points out, we are not in the business of assuming. However, things may be stated in a 'suggesting manner', if assumptions. Make it clear to the reader that we are not actually sure of it and it may be speculation on our side. However, I think in "Time Keeps on Slippin'", I would go with 'no', as they would likely have kept it clean. And given how the wedding turned out, there clearly was no wedding night either. --Sviptalk 20:49, 18 July 2010 (CEST)
What about Kif? He technically had sex with Leela (Kif gets knocked up a notch) and Amy (That Darn Katz) -- the preceding unsigned comment was written by UnrealLegend.
...and Bender? He clearly had sex with Amy in Proposition Infinity, and in T the Terrestrial it is implied that he had also sex with Leela while impersonating Fry in a dark closet. -- the preceding unsigned comment was written by
Also Yivo. a list of "only" five people such as this can probably stop existing entirely. - Quolnok (talk) 10:40, 6 July 2015 (CEST)

Not only is Zapp Brannigan a parody of James T. Kirk, in the commentary to LLLiS David X. Cohen also states that they wanted Zapp to be as if "William Shatner is Captain Kirk" - Also: In LLLiS Zapp refers to himself as "The Big Z" as does Zaphod Beeblebrox. Although I'm not sure if Beeblebrox does that in one of the books or the 2005 Movie.