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Whotmsig.jpg[Whaler on the Moon] Isn't this episode called "The Luck of the Fryish"? DVD subtitles suggest it, please check else confusion might arise.

Buddy13 FW16.png Nope, it's "Fryrish" -- made to rhyme with "Luck of the Irish". Where on the DVD is the title of the episode ever mentioned? And even if it is, I've found the DVD titles to be incredibly bad with some things. The subtitles call Lrrr "Lurr" and Fnog "Funog", so they aren't to be trusted. Link! (in fact, this link even mentions "The Luck of the Irish")

Whotmsig.jpg[Whaler on the Moon] It was mentioned on the commentary of "The Sting". But you seem to be right - regular Wikipedia has your title as well.

Buddy13 FW16.png Commentary doesn't have subtitles, though, does it...? You're confusing me. However, a dogpile search for the wrongness of the subtitles turns up this old PEEL thread: [1] <-- Mentions a couple wrongnesses that I missed.

Whotmsig.jpg[Whaler on the Moon] Well, at least my Season 4 DVDs have subtitles for the commentaries (Region 2). Don't know how it is with Region 1 though.

Buddy13 FW16.png That's weird. I've never heard of commentaries having subtitles. Though sometimes I wish they did. Mine are region 1, so that explains the difference. [edit]: I wondered why your screenshots were PAL resolution. Now I knows.

Whotmsig.jpg[Whaler on the Moon] Germany, man... good old Europe. Normally I have little dificulty understanding the characters and the commentary, because most people don't speak slang, but when in doubt, it's best to look at the subtitles so you get an idea what they meant. Although at the time I bought my DVDs in Britain, didn't want to wait for the German release and have no truck with the translations anyway - horrible stuff, most of the puns simply don't come across. In the original, I only don't get the ones related to celibrities I've never heard of...

Date of opening scene

As far as the date of the opening scene goes, the player is Jerry Grote, who played with the Mets from 66 to 77. You could probably look up his statistics to see if there's an actual game where he took a ball to win the game. I know we already know Fry's year of birth but it might narrow it down even further :-) --Sbwoodside 03:24, 29 September 2008 (UTC)


What just happened? Sanfazer 14:39, 4 January 2011 (CET)

I'm not entirely sure. My best bets are that either there was a system error or her preferred edit method involves copying the page to an external editor changing it and pasting back in, but in this case would have forgotten to remove the old version. - Quolnok 21:41, 4 January 2011 (CET)
After a little digging, looks like my second guess was right, the only difference (which is now in the main article) that was in the duplicate section was a link to Mrs. Fry in the character list. - Quolnok 21:49, 4 January 2011 (CET)
I assumed as much. What I didn't understand was stuff like "if JediRogue added a whole Characters section, and the article already had one, why did the updated version of it not show two sections". I guess we'll have to wait for her to "come clean". It's great that it's all fixed, however. Sanfazer 00:01, 5 January 2011 (CET)
Actually, it was the whole article accidentally pasted into the infobox, a part of the box that doesn't render, I'm thinking it was a context->select all (unintended left click) context->paste. Instead of my usual Ctrl+A,V. But it isn't important, it happens some times to everyone. - Quolnok 03:41, 5 January 2011 (CET)
It sure does! I'm a constant victim. I was just Confused by that strange outcome of JediRogue's edit, but now I know what happened. Sanfazer 19:51, 5 January 2011 (CET)

Spoiler in Summary

Could someone PLEASE take the huge spoiler out of the summary at the beginning of the article? There only an overview is needed. I personally wouldn't mind having that Spoiler in the "third act" paragraph. Because there you cannot be surprised to find one. -- the preceding unsigned comment was written by

Spoilers are okay, but if you think you can write a better summary please do. Sanfazer: [talk] 01:14, 7 July 2015 (CEST).