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I'd like to propose yet another section for the main page — the {{PAGENAME}} section. Yes... A section called "Random good article".

Right now, we have 165 articles in the new-article archive. I think this gives us a good variety for a refreshable section, like Wookieepedia has. New entries in the archive would automatically qualify for the good-article list. Featured articles would be ignored, as would the week's spotlight article. To join the list, older articles can undergo nominations (see below).

This wouldn't be the same as the good article described here, so we could rename that as "decent" and say that good articles are either "developed" or "decent".

The main page


Welcome to The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki, the Futurama memory bank that anyone can edit.

We currently have 3,555 articles about Futurama episodes, characters, and merchandise and we're growing every day.

It just won't stay dead!

This fortnight's featured article

Long-range scanner.png

The long-range scanner is a scanner on which, in 3013, the professor picked up the ship of Nibbler's personal chauffeur. [7ACV23] He was able to deduce that the ship was emitting musical tones in an effort to communicate, and that it would reach Earth in two weeks. (more...)

Upcoming episode

SOTBB Promo.png


Air date: May 2014

This week's spotlight article

link=Infosphere:Spotlight article for week 18 of 2021

[[Infosphere:Spotlight article for week 18 of 2021]]

Time left until next article: 7 days

Random good article

Luna Parking.png

Luna Parking

Created on: 8 September 2013

What else you got?

Latest Futurama news

6 October, 2017: The first Halloween event of the mobile game, Worlds of Tomorrow, "Robot Hell on Earth" begins.

29 September, 2017: The Entertainment District is added to the mobile game, Worlds of Tomorrow.

20 September, 2017: Futurama Comics, issue 83, "Bendocchio" is exclusively released through the Futuramaland mobile app.

20 September, 2017: "Getting Experimental", the tenth event of the mobile game, Worlds of Tomorrow, begins.


On this day in Futurama

2001: "Time Keeps on Slippin'" aired for the first time.

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I don't know if we can use this for the randomiser. If not, we can install this.

The changes to the other sections are so we won't have a three-image column, which can be heavy on the eyes. After the crossover airs and the "Upcoming episode" section is discontinued (I'm trying to think of a worse word), we won't need this zigzag anymore, though we can keep the indenting. Because the crossover is not an episode of Futurama, I don't think the episode section needs a synopsis. If we ever want a synopsis, though, we can switch the episode section with the spotlight section, so that the synopsis won't be indented.

If you don't like "Created on", we can just not put anything there. We could use "First appearance", but then we'd have to reject a few articles.

Articles without an image wouldn't be considered good articles. Sanfazer (talk) 08:44, 14 December 2013 (CET).

We could potentially have an "Upcoming comic" section instead of the episode one during the "hiatus", that would require no gaps like the recent one where we have no idea what the next issue will be.

Onto your actual question... We would definitely have to use the extension rather than the javascript to avoid forcing users to load all the images. I'm not a fan of the zig zag. As for actually doing this, I have no strong feelings one way or the other. - Quolnok (talk) 06:05, 14 January 2014 (CET)
I think the comic section is a good idea. Easy to implement, too.
We can always get rid of the zigzag, if you think that's better. Sanfazer: [talk] 02:02, 15 January 2014 (CET).
A.K.A. Zoigzag. Sanfazer: [talk] 10:15, 15 January 2014 (CET).

The section

===Random good article===
{{random-article generator}}
<div align="left" class="noprint">'''[[Infosphere:Good articles|More good articles]]''' · '''[[Infosphere:Good article nominations|Nominate an article]]''' · <span class="plainlinks">'''[{{SERVER}}{{Localurl:{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}|action=purge}} Refresh]'''</span></div>

Template:Random-article generator

If we use the extension.
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Bonneville Salt Flatlands|12|October|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Möbius dragstrip|11|October|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Big Boy Karate|10|October|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|New New Jack City|9|October|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Thingly Wiggly|8|October|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Lords of Flatbush|7|October|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|City Zoo|6|October|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Smithsimian Art Gallery|4|October|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Colobus Circle|2|October|2013}}</item>

<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Bonobo & Associates|1|October|2013|Simian 7 city.png}}</item> (Notice fifth parameter.)

<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Technology lab|1|October|2013}}</item>

<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Futurama: The Complete Series|28|September|2013|The Complete Series 2.jpg|italics=yes}}</item> (Notice "italics" parameter.)

<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Albert Einstein|28|September|2013|Einstein Hammurabi.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Prism railroad|28|September|2013|Prism railroad 7ACV14.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Parolee's Choice Bus Lines|27|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Hal's Roach Bombs|25|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Fleur de Liz Parfum|24|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Harry Potter|24|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|The Flowering Inferno|24|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Discount petting zoo|22|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|NNY Recreation Center|21|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|NNY Bus Terminal|1|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|James Bond|9|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Luna Parking|8|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Luna Park carny|7|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Volume 8|7|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Time shelter|6|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Time button|6|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Taste of NNY Gourmet Food Fair|6|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Bronx Zoo|5|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Ultra Guy's Custom Diamonds|5|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Ultra Guy|5|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|St. Koch's Cathedral|5|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Vampire State Building|5|September|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Limburger King|31|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Burger King|1|September|2013|June2006Calendar.JPG}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Emilia Clarke|31|August|2013|Emiliaclarke.jpg}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Tara Strong|31|September|2013|Tara strong.jpg}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Coronation Oath: Vol. 1|28|August|2013|Coronation Oath Vol 1.png|italics=yes}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Webster's New Abridged Becktionary|28|August|2013|Becktionary.png|italics=yes}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Fry meme|27|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Ken Keeler's head|26|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Cavitar Toothpaste|23|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Dan McMasters|22|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Jackie Jr.|22|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|For Your Eyes Mainly|22|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Bill and Keith|22|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Dances of the Ancient Bronx|21|August|2013|italics=yes}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|A Child's Garden of Space Legends|21|August|2013|italics=yes}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|True Stories of Courageous Animals|21|August|2013|italics=yes}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Fry's breakdancing crew|20|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Let's go already!|19|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Digby's old spaceship|18|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Long-range scanner|18|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Digby's new spaceship|17|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Radio-cranial dream injector|16|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Planet Z-7|15|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Fry's house|16|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Fry's old apartment|15|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|O'Grady's Pub|15|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Mount Shushmore|15|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Booby Tuesday's|15|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Texan scientists|13|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Tex 1138's employee|13|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Sewer mailman|11|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Burt Ward's head|10|August|2013|Manbat and Robin.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Adam West's head|10|August|2013|Manbat and Robin.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Bean salesman|9|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Parts 'n' Crafts|9|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Little Drunk Sheila|9|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Jake the Dog|9|August|2013|Futurama-Finn&JakeCrossover.jpg}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Fry's cousin|8|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Tex 1138's|8|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Sargaseous Sea|7|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|YouTube|8|August|2013|YouTube logo.png}}</item>

<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|S.S. Miami Muy Caliente|6|August|2013|title=S.S. ''Miami Muy Caliente''}}</item> (Notice "title" parameter.)

<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Concept art|7|August|2013|Zoidberg lab.jpg}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Mobile app|7|August|2013|Mobile app 7ACV18.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Blip gang|5|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Captain of the S.S. Miami Muy Caliente|4|August|2013|title=Captain of the S.S. ''Miami Muy Caliente''}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Peoples α|3|August|2013|Peoples Alpha.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|St. Hope's Charity Hospital for Robot Orphans|3|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Vulture preview clip|3|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Johnny's parents|2|August|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Robert Wagner's head|27|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Entertainment and Earth Invasion Tonite|28|July|2013|Eaeit.jpg|italics=yes}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|The Tragic Pan|27|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|General Extermulo|25|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Last clone of Agnew|25|July|2013}}</item>
<!-- <item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Simpsorama|24|July|2013}}</item> -->
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Commentary:Ghost in the Machines|31|December|2011|Ghost in the Machines infobox.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Futurama Comics: To Infinity!|15|July|2013|Futuramacomicstoinfinity.jpg|italics=yes}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Don't Go Taking my Heart!|15|July|2013|Futurama Comic 69.jpg}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Fermion-barrier heat-exclusion spray|14|July|2013|Futurama 7ACV18 Heat-Exclusion Spray.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Helium miners|13|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Count Bankula Vampire Bank|13|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Bank vampire|12|July|2013|Vampire.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Mystic aldermen of the sun|12|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Farnsworth Lanes|11|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Fast Frank Brogan|10|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|The Rusty Rail|9|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Dr. Daniel Zenus' robot|8|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|T.G.I. Folky's|7|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|T.G.I. Friday's|7|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Fourth Omicronian invasion of Earth|6|July|2013|Planetary invasion.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|11-Worth Variable-Security Prison|6|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Silicon Red|5|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Lyndon B. Johnson's head|5|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Dr. Brutalov|4|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Omicron Vet Clinic|1|July|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Detective Klaus Mandela|30|June|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Omicronian handbook|29|June|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Rational Archives|28|June|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Jeffersons Memorial|27|June|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Prairie elephants|24|June|2013|Prairie elephant.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Yellow car|24|June|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Moon worms|19|December|2011|Moon worm.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Glorianimous 3|22|June|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Impound Lot 136|20|June|2013}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Christopher Colobus|20|June|2013|Christopher Colubus.png}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Tartar House Five|17|February|2013|Futurama Comic 67.jpg}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Fry-Bender relationship|16|February|2013|Fry Bender promo.jpg}}</item>
<item>{{GoodArticleDefault|Wong Island|13|January|2013}}</item>


::::::::::::::::: <h4>[[{{{1}}}|{{#ifeq:{{{italics|}}}|yes|''{{{1}}}''|{{#if:{{{title|}}}|{{{title}}}|{{{1}}}}}}}]]</h4>
::::::::::::::::: '''Created on''': {{#ifexist:Infosphere:Anniversaries/{{{2}}} {{{3}}}|{{date|{{{2}}} {{{3}}}}}|{{{2}}} {{#ifeq:{{{3|}}}|May|May|{{{{{3}}}}}}}}} {{#ifeq:{{{4|}}}|2014|2014|[[{{{4}}}]]}}

Infosphere:Good articles

Shortcut for this article:

This page lists articles that are considered good and thus are linked to in the Main Page's "Random good article" section. If you have ideas for pages that should be linked to, please add them on the nominations page.

The "Random good article" section debuted in December 2013, with 150 articles.

List of good articles

(Most-recent additions first)

See also


Infosphere:Good article nominations

Shortcut for this article:

These are The Infosphere's good article nominations.

Please nominate articles that you think are worthy of being linked to in the Main Page's "Random good article" section under a level-3 heading (=== [[TheArticle'sName]] ===) below. Be aware that any article may be vetoed by an administrator (just as any article may be passed by an administrator).

How do you vote? Edit this page, and put your name under either {{Infosphere:Accept}} or {{Infosphere:Decline}} for each article nominated. You can do that with a sig template, three tildes (~~~), or simply [[User:YourUsername|YourUsername]]. You have to be registered in order to vote.

If on the second Sunday after it was nominated an article has more positive votes than negative votes, it may be added to the random-article generator. It may also be added to the random-article generator if it was nominated on a Sunday and on the following Sunday has more positive votes than negative votes.

You must nominate an article before adding it to the generator. Seriously.

Guidelines for good articles

Good articles should meet the following criteria.

  • Must have at least one image.
  • Should not be a featured article.
  • Should not be one of the articles in the Main Page's "What's new?" section. When these articles leave the section, they are added to the random-article generator without having to pass nominations.
  • Should not be marked with one of the two cleanup templates.
  • Probably other stuff, too.


The following section is an example.

Luna Parking

Nominated on 13 December, 2013.

Votes to accept: Votes to decline:


Infosphere talk:Good articles

You can use this page to question the quality of current good articles.

Similar notes can be made on the talk pages for Infosphere:Featured articles (since at the moment we're not doing anything like this) and Infosphere:Spotlight.

  • You can use this page to question the quality of upcoming featured articles.
  • You can use this page to question the potential of upcoming spotlight articles.

These talk pages would also be linked to from their respective project pages.

I'll make an extra featured-article nomination this week so we can say we have upcoming featured articles.


Featured.png Random good article currently appears on the Infosphere's Main Page as one of the random good articles. Please use care when building into this article, as additions that stand out in a negative way and would otherwise be addressed with a cleanup tag may simply be reverted.

There can also be a Good Articles category. (This category would redirect to it.)

It'd be nice if someone could make one of these rockets in a different colour— I'm sorry. One of these Planet Express ships in a different colour. Why not red?


"Good" idea Seems a bit random

As for the little rocket, I *MAY* have the original SVG somewhere, but it was years ago. I'll run a search and see if it turns up. If I have it, then changing colors is trivial. --Buddy (talk) 12:42, 26 January 2014 (CET)

Nice. [1] Let's hope it does. Sanfazer: [talk] 17:23, 26 January 2014 (CET).
Whatever. --Sviptalk 23:28, 16 March 2014 (CET)
Yay! Giant news, everyone! But we still need the Svip's help. Sanfazer: [talk] 23:30, 16 March 2014 (CET).
Why help with what? I was voting for no work! --Sviptalk 17:05, 24 March 2014 (CET)
Well, it seems there's something called an installation for something called an extension... I would think! Sanfazer: [talk] 17:09, 24 March 2014 (CET).
Oh, I have forgotten to read the whole page. What extension should I install? --Sviptalk 17:20, 24 March 2014 (CET)
This. [Sanfazer laughs out loud silently.] Sanfazer: [talk] 17:23, 24 March 2014 (CET).


  1. ^ Which is what I said it would be. Sanfazer: [talk] 17:48, 26 January 2014 (CET).