Sewer mutants (game)

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Sewer mutants
Game mutant.png
The most common type of mutant.
First appearanceFuturama (video game)

The sewer mutants are a type of enemy which appear in the Futurama video game, found in the New New York sewers. Unlike regular sewer mutants, who have built their own civilization, these ones are a species of primitive, violent monsters incapable of speech.

There are four types of mutant. The two most common ones are fish-like monsters: the darker ones which are only capable of slapping, and the lighter ones which can pick people up and shake them violently. A third type resembles an octopus, but hides in pipes so their full bodies cannot be seen. They pull in any human who approaches them and kills them instantly. The fourth type resembles a long eyestalk and hides in the Lake Mutagenic.

When Fry had to explore the sewers to avoid the Hoverbot Death Troopers on the surface, he encountered many of these mutants but was able to fight them off with a gun.[console game]

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