Santa Claus' reindeers

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Santa Claus' reindeers
Santa Claus' reindeers.png
Going to war.
LeaderRobot Santa Claus
First appearance"Xmas Story" (2ACV04)
Current statusActive

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The Santa Claus' reindeers are Robots who pull the sleigh of Robot Santa Claus on Xmas Eve. They probably live in the north pole of Neptune. The reindeers are named Trasher, Smasher and Rudolph, whose nose has the ability to explode, were ridden by Bender in 3002 (2ACV04), and served in the Battle for Earth against the Scammers in 3007 (BBS).

Additonal Info


  • Rudolph's nose is a parody of the fabled Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, whose glowing red nose allows him to see in foggy conditions on Christmas Eve.
  • Although there are three known reindeers, in all of their appearances there are only two.


    Amy: Rudolph's nose!
    Fry: [Shouting.] He's gonna blow!