Remote-controlled solid gold Death Star

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Remote-controlled solid gold Death Star
Remote-controlled solid gold Death Star.png
TypeMassive Weapon
Owner(s)The Scammers
First appearanceBender's Big Score
Current statusAll destroyed

The remote-controlled solid gold Death Stars were a series of weapons built by the Scammers after they took over Earth.


Each is constructed in a very similar fashion to the Death Star from Star Wars, but is made entirely of gold with giant diamonds encrusted on it. Unlike the Death Star from Star Wars, these are much more penetrable and vulnerable; their largest defense is their amount and the fact that they are remote-controlled.

During the battle for Earth in 3007, they were all destroyed and, due to the assumed expenses for making them, may never be made again.

Apparently they can be easily destroyed if lasers are fired inside their Achilles Vent.

Additional info

The control panel for the Death Stars.


    Bender: Ooh! I'd take one of those with a side of chili fries.