Quantum interphase bomb

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Quantum interphase bomb
Quantum Interface Bomb.jpg
TypeDoomsday device
First appearance"The Why of Fry" (4ACV10)

The quantum interphase bomb is a Nibblonian weapon, designed to hurl the target into an alternate universe from which there is no escape. It is used to cross the plans of the Brain Spawn to understand and destroy the universe. With the help of the Infosphere, the Brains wanted to collect all the information in the universe, and then the universe was to be destroyed so there could be no new information. The bomb did its job and transferred the Infosphere to an alternate universe, only Fry was able to escape from there back to 31 December 1999 due to his unique properties.

Additional Info


  • Although the subtitles identify it as a quantum interface bomb, the audio dialogue suggests it may be a quantum interphase bomb, which makes slightly more sense.