Proposition ∞

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Proposition ∞
UsageBallot to legalize robosexual marriage
First appearance"Proposition Infinity" (6ACV04)
Current statusPassed
This article is about the ballot. For the episode, see Proposition Infinity.

Proposition ∞ (pronounced Proposition infinity) was an Earthican proposition created by Amy and Bender, passed in July 3010, that legalized Robosexual marriage in the state of New New York, though same-sex robosexual marriages are still illegal, as evident by a comment made by Morbo (6ACV04).

Additional information


  • The proposition is based on Proposition 8, that banned same-sex marriage in the state of California in 2008.
    • An 8 lying on its side also looks like an infinity symbol.
  • Hedonism Bot (a manbot) is shown supporting the proposition, even though his relationship with Djambi (a male human) is not legalized by it.
    • The fact that his relationship with Djambi was not legalized may explain why he planned to get married to a house in "The Late Philip J. Fry".
    • Since same-sex marriage is legal in the 31st century, once Proposition ∞ passed, it wouldn't be difficult to argue for robosexual marriage to be allowed between a man and a manbot or a woman and a fembot.