Ms. Johnson

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Tertiary character
Ms. Johnson
Ms. Johnson.png
The intercom in Fry's office, which Ms. Johnson is built into, in 3003. [3ACV21]
SpeciesComputer program
ProfessionFry's assistant
First appearance"Future Stock" (3ACV21)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Ms. Johnson (at one time addressed as "Suz" — likely short for "Suzanne") is a program built into the intercom in Fry's office. In 3003, she was Fry's assistant during a 1980s defrostee's management of Planet Express. [3ACV21] The intercom was nowhere in sight in the office in 3001. [2ACV11]

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    Leela: You've changed, Fry.
    Fry: What? I haven't changed.
    [He presses the intercom.] Suz. Have I changed?
    Ms. Johnson: No, sir, Mr. Fry.
    Fry: Thanks, doll.
    Leela: I don't care what Ms. Johnson says. That guy's turning this place into some kinda... business.

    Fry: Uh... Ms. Johnson... Please bring in some more chair fuel.

    Fry: Ms. Johnson. You've never lied to me. Am I still a good person?
    Ms. Johnson: I don't know, sir. I'm a program built into the intercom.

    Ms. Johnson: Mr. Fry. Your two-o'clock magician is here.
    Fry: Believe it or not, I have more important things to do today than laugh and clap my hands.


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