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This article is about the trivia, the quotes, the references, etc. appearing in Bender's Big Score. It does not, however, include DVD information, character listings and cast information.

It is a separate article due to the fact that the amount of information to deal with in a trivia manner is huge when compared to a regular episode.


    Bender: Dum-Dum away!

    Bender: Boo!! Nah, it's just me; Bender.

    Zoidberg: I thought you were happy, your tail was wagging!

    Nibbler: The universe is doomed! Doomed!
    Fry: Can I pull up my pants now?
    Nibbler: Dooooomed!

    Amy: Look at us, living like trash eating bums in an alley now.
    Zoidberg: Yes, now...

    Al Gore: Dang, that hundred dollars could have bought me...one gallon of gas!

    Bender: For the first time ever, I gotta use the bathroom.

    Hermes: You do a nice hand job, Zoidberg.

    Bender: Hasta la vista, meatbag!

    Fry: Whimmy wam wam wazzle!!

    Al Gore's head: Finally, I get to save the world with deadly lasers instead of deadly slide shows!

    Nudar: [to Bender] You've got no code, no porn... and you're ugly! Let's dance!
    All Nudist Aliens: Na, na naaa! Na, na naaa!

    Bender: You know, it's funny...
    Fry: What?
    Bender: YOUR WIENER!! Ahahahaha!

    [Bender goes back in time and steals...]
    Leela: The Mona Lisa!
    Bender: Sorry, it's not quite finished.
    Schlump: Da Vinci give you any trouble?
    Bender: Let's just say he might not make it to The Last Supper!

    Leela: What's the secret of time travel doing on Fry's ass?
    Fry: It was bound to be somewhere.

    Nudar: Nice attack, doodoo heads!

    Nudar: You, Booger-Bot, read the code or I'll shoot this guy!
    Bender: Who the hell is he?
    Scruffy: I'm Scruffy...the janitor.
    Bender: Hang on, Scruffy!

    Bender: Here's your Guttenberg Bible, masters, plus the Colonel's secret recipe: "Chicken, grease, salt."

    Hermes: Kiss my front-butt!

    Lars: Hello, everyone that isn't Leela. And a special hello to everyone else.

    [Nibbler heat blasts the time code tattoo off of Fry's ass.]
    Nibbler: Finished. I've managed to save the space-time continuum and 40% of your rectum.
    [Everyone cheers.]
    Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate: That's all you need.

    Barbados Slim: You haven't seen the last of Barbados Slim! Now goodbye forever!

    Amy: Ahh, don't blame yourself, Bender.
    Bender: I don't blame myself. I blame all of you!
    Amy: Us? How could you possibly blame us?
    Bender: It ain't easy. It just proves how great I am.

    [Last line, Bender realizes the sheer number of time paradox duplicates were created and a tear opens up in the universe.]
    Bender: Well, we're boned.


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General Trivia

  • This is one among few Futurama media featuring its title.
  • The film contains a rare use of the main Futurama theme (albeit a remixed version) as incidental music, during the Gold Death Star battle.
  • While anchovies and cows are extinct, pandas are apparently not.
  • When in Egypt, Bender says "Scarab forearm bird bird bird!", which, when translated to hieroglyphs, means "kheper d", then a, w, o, or m three times. In short, nothing. (This is also the same version of the Egyptian used by the Pharaoh Skinner in The Simpsons Bible Stories episode)
  • The first time Bender says "And I bet it's going to get a lot more confusing!", he looks directly at the viewer, a reference to the fact that a large amount of time travel and retroactive continuity is caused through the following events in the movie, due to a partial rewrite of history that scrambles the events of a few episodes (the most confusing being the events of "The Cryonic Woman", Luck of the Fryrish, and "Jurassic Bark".). This is possibly the only time a character in Futurama addresses the audience directly, other than the narrator.
  • This is the first to feature the enhanced 30th Century Fox Television logo with the trademark "®" symbol replacing the trademark "TM" symbol at the end of the first of the four Direct-to-DVD films.
    • There is a similar situation in "The Cryonic Woman". When death-rolling is described to him as a sport like skateboarding, except half the time someone dies, Fry says that "so it's a little safer than skateboarding" and then smiles quickly and ironically.
  • As noticed in "Space Pilot 3000", using a Suicide Booth costs 25 cents. In the year 2000, Bender tries to use a phone booth, mistaking it for a Suicide booth. The phone booth costs 50 cents. Thus, it is cheaper to kill oneself in the year 3000 than to make one phone call in the year 2000.
  • Email addresses on the petition included; [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]
    • Amy's email address suggests her year of birth to be 2979. Strangely, this is seen on the petition before she signs.
      • But then again we never really see her sign, so she could have signed the petition earlier, before they came and talked to Leela.
    • Bender's email address is hosted by the official Futurama site, which was created shortly before this film's release.
  • Hybraxi is a combination of hybrid and taxi.
  • According to the time equation, every living time duplicate is doomed. However, nothing is said about duplicates of non-living things. If non-living duplicates are also doomed, then all the treasure he stole would have already been destroyed too.
    • Which seems to be implied by the fact that it does not reappear in The Beast with a Billion Backs.
    • It is possible that the treasures taken was not the time duplicate of anything since they (the treasure) never travelled back in time, however this would paradoxically make everyone remember items such as the Mona Lisa having been complete despite Bender stealing it beforehand.
      • The fact that the crew members could remember the artefacts such as the complete Mona Lisa implies that the same chain of events that we're used to occurred at the same time as the reality where Bender stole them (i.e. they were completed and then went through history in the same way as before Bender stole them and they were simultaneously stolen by Bender) which implies that they are in-fact time travel duplicates even though they never travelled backwards in time (although Bender did which may explain how the treasure became duplicated because he altered time). This is further reinforced when we see the many duplicate Benders exploding, since they explode with the artefacts they're holding instead of simply dropping or damaging them (the treasure couldn't be completely destroyed in a normal explosion since Lars was killed by Bender exploding and his corpse survived) we can see that the artefacts are doomed in the same way, similarly to the living duplicates.
  • The time equation also says that every duplicate is doomed, it's just "a matter of time." However, because this period of time is never specified, it is possible that the duplicates could have lived as long as any other person. Still, none in the show do.
    • Lars lived for several years - 12 years in the 2000s, until he froze himself, and then for 7 or 8 years after being unfrozen. Furthermore, his death was self-sacrifice, not a freak accident like the other duplicates, so there's no telling how long he might have lived for otherwise.
  • Michelle's original "defrost" date was 254 years after 2012, or the year 2266, which is when the first season on the original Star Trek series is supposed to take place.
  • Nudar, Bender, and Fry are the only ones who use the time code, and coincedently all of them interact with their time travel duplicates.
  • After Fry from the time of the first episode comes out of the cryogenic machine, Fry from the time of this episode freezes himself for 7.95 years. 7.95 years after 31 December, 2999 would be 13 December, 3007.
  • Objects carried by the Bender duplicates at the end include...
    • a pharaoh's mask
    • paintings
    • a spear
    • a Christian cross
    • vases
    • crowns
    • a money bag
    • a sceptre
    • a mitre
    • a Mayan calendar
    • the Mona Lisa
    • a pirate's hat
    • a sword
  • In the wide establishing shot of the Head Museum, where Lars and Leela have a date, the sign outside says "Wayans Heads - 3 for a Dollar". The Wayans family is a successful American family with many members; there are ten siblings in the first generation.
  • One of the items stolen by Bender is Eddie Van Halen's guitar.

Cameo characters

Did someone say Cameo?
A lot of characters from earlier episodes (some which may only have appeared once) appear in the film briefly.


The film makes a lot of jokes about spam, in which several types of scams and spam is shown.
The following spam is sent to Leela
MAKE $$$ Stuffing e-mail!
You Passworde Expier
Amy gets a typical not scam appearing mail, which just contains a lot of pop ups
Torgo's Executive Powder
Used Erections
I Can't Believe It's not Medicine
Mom's Wrinkle Butter
Discount Scrotums
No more bowels
π for the price i
Mystery Pills
Watch Comedy Central (see below)
Bender gets the following porn mails
Bisexual Bionic Bimbots!
Naked Mole Rats! (Possibly a reference to John DiMaggio's role as Dr. Drakken in Disney cartoon Kim Possible, in which a recurring character was a naked mole rat. Also, the naked mole rat from Kim Possible is voiced by Nancy Cartwright, better known as the voice of Bart Simpson.)
!!FREE!! Nude Pictures of Yourself!
Get RICH Watching Porn!
Zoidberg is the victim of a Nigeria scam.
The Professor gets the following spam
Get r1ch qu1ck x7q
Lose w8 with space parasites

Time travel

The machine language time code

See Machine language time code.

The time sphere

See Time Sphere.

Wedding Guests

See Turanga-Fillmore Wedding.

Alien Language Sightings

See List of alien language sightings.


  • Battlestar Galactica
    • During the montage of Lars and Leela dating a sign can be seen that reads "Cylon War Memorial Make Out Point."
  • The Daily Show
    • Jon Stewart's head is seen in a jar at the Head Museum.
  • Family Guy
    • Fry hangs up a Family Guy calendar with 12 laughs a year.
  • An Inconvenient Truth
  • South Park
    • Cartman's head is seen in a jar at the Head Museum.
  • Dune (film)
    • The seated periscope targeting system on board the Globetrotters' ship rotates around a central axis, similarly to the Emperor's weapon system during the battle at the end of the 1984 film.
  • Star Wars
  • The Terminator
    • When Bender is preparing to travel to the past, he dons black sunglasses, exactly like the Terminator.
    • In the phone book there are three Philip Frys listed that Bender must track down like in the movie where the Terminator finds three Sarah Connors in the phone book and has to hunt down all three
    • Bender travels back in time and appears in the green mist used in the Terminator series. He also appears kneeling like the Terminator.
    • Seymour appears to deflate when Bender appears, possibly a reference to the fact that dogs don't like Terminators.
    • Lars Fillmore is similar to the character of Kyle Reese.
      • Lars' death is also similar to Kyle's (both were killed by an exploding robot).
    • Bender says "Hasta la vista, meatbag," a direct reference to the tagline of Terminator 2.
Bongo in Futurama


There are several references to earlier episodes of Futurama. Following episodes are mentioned;

  • "Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)
    • Bender flies by when Fry is frozen and destroys New York.
    • Bender mistakes the frozen Fry for the one he is hunting.
    • Bender meets Michelle and the boyfriend she drove off with just before Fry got frozen.
    • Fry touches his own butt when he wants the wallet in his own frozen self, his frozen self wakes up, and he continues to hide inside the tube to 7.95 years later.
  • "The Cryonic Woman" (2ACV19)
    • When Fry (as Lars Fillmore) decides to freeze himself (again), he uses the tube with his girlfriend in (which is at 254 years at the time), he changes the date for the freeze to 990 years, revealing that otherwise the events of that episode would not have happened.
    • Thus revealing that events of that episode took place in 3002.
  • "Roswell that Ends Well" (3ACV19)
    • Fry tells Farnsworth that they went back in time to Roswell, which Farnsworth cannot remember (and also that it proves nothing).
  • "Jurassic Bark" (4ACV07)
    • Seymour Asses is seen several times, and it is revealed that they still keep his fossilised version at Planet Express.
    • When the building crashes with Fry in it, Seymour is thus fossilised. Which is also important to know why this must take place in 2012, because Farnsworth discovers in the episode that Seymour lived 12 more years after Fry left him - thus dying in 2012.
    • When Bender is looking for Fry in the year 2000, he encounters a drunken man in the phone booth speaking to his bartender. The commentary of the DVD reveals that this is in fact the Cryogenisist from Jurassic Bark. In Jurassic Bark, the Cryogenisist is seen saying "I am one hung over cryogenisist." Here, he is seen drunk on New Years Eve.
  • "Godfellas" (3ACV20)
    • When Bender uses the time code for the first time, the entire footage featuring the God Space Entity (except the time sphere going to Earth) is clips from the episode.


Amy with three arms
Fry disappearing incorrectly
A typo in the production code
The first of the two Zoidbergs
Fry with no tattoo in "Future Stock".
  • In the opening scene Fry, Bender, Leela and Amy are standing in the hangar then when the camera pans to Zoidberg they are in the conference room on the second floor.
  • Bender's title during the introduction sequence is "Assistant Manager of Sales" yet in episodes both before and after his job has always been the company chef.
    • He could also have this job.
  • In the original 5 minute Comic-Con promo, Leela's dad is seen talking with a regular mouth instead of his usual sideways mouth.
  • When undressing at the nude beach, Amy's butt doesn't seem to have any tattoos on, even though "Three Hundred Big Boys" showed she had at least three talking tattoos.
  • At the nude beach, Amy is briefly drawn with an extra arm.
  • The Nobel Peace Prize is the only Nobel Prize not given in Stockholm, Sweden, but in Oslo, Norway.
  • At Applied Cryogenics, the table in the tube room is at one point seen with a computer monitor on, it did not have in "Space Pilot 3000", and nor does it have it on other times in the show/film.
  • When the scammers first acquire all the stuff in history, they are determined to kill Fry, not satisfied with removing his tattoo, because he might have memorized it. However, after Fry comes back from the past and gets the tattoo heat-blasted off, the scammers let him live because they "guess the time code really is gone".
    • Nudar did say "Live and let live." earlier.
  • At the wedding, as Farnsworth and Leela walk across the aisle, the man in the background to the left's eyes seems to have been displaced.
  • At the wedding, right before Hermes loses his head, URL can bee seen in the background with a pink helmet, yellow visor, a red dress shirt, and a yellow blazer/suit coat. He also has a green finish.
  • When Fry drops his bouquet on the surface of the bubble, the bubble explodes and Fry doesn't disappear off the screen. Instead, he disappears into a drawn line just above the ending of the screen.
  • When Fry and Bender go back to the year 2000 separately both open the tube that Fry is frozen in, Fry is seen wearing a belt with his pants. It is revealed in "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" Fry never wears a belt.
    • That episode doesn't state that Fry never wears a belt. It shows his hands are so useless, he can't do a belt
  • When Fry explains how he appeared at his own funeral, he resets the timer on the tube right after Fry leaves. However, Fry later uses that same tube to trap Leela.
    • It is plausible - though unconfirmed - that there are more than one room of tubes. This is unlikely, though, because the room Fry is frozen in and the room Leela is frozen in have the same window view.
    • However it is more plausible that someone reopened the tube for an unknown reason, and he simply reset the timer again after Leela got out, knowing his other self was supposed to freeze her.
    • The most likely explanation is that it isn't the same tube as there seems to be an infinite supply of empty tubes like the one duplicate Bender is placed in and was just a generic empty tube she was trapped in.
  • At the height of the climax at Applied Cryogenics where it is supposed to be New Years Eve (and thus night), it is clearly day outside.
    • This could be a trick of the light outside.
  • When Lars unfreezes the Bender clone due to self-destruct, the Bender has regular pixels for pupils. However, since this Bender still has the iObey virus, his pupils should be red spirals. The same goof happens when Fry uses the time code the first time to escape Nudar and the other scammer aliens.
    • This could be showing Bender resisting commands.
  • When Lars climbs into Michelle's tube, he breaks off some of her hair. However, her hair seems undamaged when she is unfrozen in "The Cryonic Woman".
    • This happens frequently in animation where people return on-model in their appearance.
  • According to the events of this movie, Fry has had the timecode tattoo the entire time he has been in the future. However, there are a few episodes that show Fry with a tattoo-less ass (most noticeable in "Future Stock", although, Fry's general butt flab, and the position that he moons Mom at, could have concealed the tattoo; Fry's tattoo-less ass is also clearly seen in Episode Two: "The Series Has Landed".
    • The angle shown could block the tattoo from view.
  • At the end of the film, when the production codes are seen, they are mostly correct, but the first one is listed as 5AVC01. The correct way would be 5ACV01. This error has been fixed as of an airing on 30 October, 2012 in the UK. (at least in the version broadcast).
  • When the characters burst out of Planet Express Ship on Neptune, a green mis-colored Hedonism Bot is briefly seen, as well as a reddish-orange Mr. Blob, Zoidberg also comes out twice.
    • Who's to say that there's more than one Hedonism Bot, that Mr. Blob can change colors or that was another blob, and that was another Decapodian.
    • The first Zoidberg who burst out has normal hands and ears.
      • Then it's not a Decopodian, and therefore not a goof.
  • Bender's iObey virus is shown to be controlled by a board with a knob, briefly, when Leela was trying to kick Nudar. However, the scammers have used speech commands for the rest of the time.
    • There could be both.
  • Bender's eyes turn back to normal from the iObey virus, when he is taunting the scammers in the steam room.
  • Michelle's new boyfriend reveals his name is Constantine, In "The Cryonic Woman" Michelle says his name is Charles.
  • When Bender is cracking the safe in the wall his fingers detach from his hand.
    • His body parts come off and on all the time.
  • Hermes manages to survive with no assistance or side effects after being decapitated.
    • Lars did say his head was slowly dying.
    • Furthermore, the process of head preservation had yet to be established or the theories surrounding it so Hermes' head remaining alive to be immortalized in a jar would've been sound.
  • When Bender goes to Yancy Fry's house in the past looking for Fry, he comes across Philip J. Fry, II. In "Bender's Big Score" he is depicted with red hair, yet in "Luck of the Fryrish" he has brown hair like Yancy.
    • His hair color probably changed as he aged.
  • Also, in "The Luck of the Fryrish" we learned that Philip J. Fry, II was named after his missing uncle. In this timeline, however, Fry wasn't missing at all, so most likely Yancy Jr. wouldn't have named his son Philip.
    • He could've named him that for another reason.
  • When Fry returns from the North Pole, the awning above Panucci's Pizza says "Panucci's", but at the end of "Jurassic Bark" the awning says "Panucci's Pizza".
    • More letters could fall off and more letters could be put on.
  • When the scammer aliens appear after demolishing Leela's appartment, Nudar is only wearing one ear ring. The second ear ring reappears when Schlump calls for the truck of pandas.
  • When Bender time travels to Ancient Egypt, the Ancient Egyptians get scared when he pulls out a gun and points it at them. But how could they know what a gun is and what a gun could do (especially a futuristic gun) seeing as there weren't any in Ancient Egypt?
    • Bender is a tall metal man with glowing yellow eyes speaking in a language they can't understand and pointing something at them, of course they are scared.
  • When Al Gore picks up Bender in the Hybraxi, he appears in the blue suit shown earlier in the 2000 US Presidential election scene. When Bender is ejected from the taxi a few moments later, Gore is wearing a brown leather jacket.
  • When Bender blows up Panucci's Pizza the sign has all the letters for a split second.
  • Contrary to what Farnsworth said, the Fry that became Lars wasn't doomed until he came to the 31st century, because he wasn't a duplicate; there was only one Fry in that time period. True, he never did die, but Farnsworth should have known this.
    • Actually, Lars is established as a time-travel duplicate when Fry goes back for the lukewarm pizza.
    • Actually, there were three versions of Fry. It's just that two of them were still frozen.
    • He forgets lots of things, like going back to Roswell.
  • Where the tattoo originally came from is never explained. What happened was impossible; the tattoo had to originate somewhere.
    • It's possible, though unlikely, that while Fry was frozen, someone else put the tattoo on his butt. However, this would mean that there was a second tattoo - which was perhaps caused to rub off by the way Bender put the first one on.
      • This is actually an example of the bootstrap paradox. It isn't a goof, just a paradox. The tattoo is on Fry's butt in the first place because Bender took it from Lars's butt and put it there.
  • What happened to Hermes' head when Zoidberg got the body is never explained.
    • That Hermes' body could've been fixed faster than now.
      • Zoidberg may have gone back to before the events of this movie began, and Hermes might have had his body cloned from his head before the movie even started.
        • However, this means Hermes would be able to tell Zoidberg what to do, so it's still a goof.
          • Zoidberg could interrupt him like in the movie.
            • None of this matters because the head (and body) is a time-travel duplicate. Its time-stream was split off from the main one when Zoidberg got it, and thus we don't care what happened to it.