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"Kill all humans" is one of Bender's catchphrases. It is an example of the dislike of humans that he shows throughout the show.

In The Beast with a Billion Backs, it is used as the motto of the League of Robots.

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    Bender: [crying] All those times... I said "kill all humans"... I'd always whisper "except one". Fry was that one. [He sobs.] And I never told him so.

    Bender: Here I've been blabbin' on for years about killin' all humans... and who actually does some' about it? Some chick.

    Fry: You sure you don't wanna kill all humans?
    Bending unit mistaken for Bender: Pfff! I love all humans!
    [Fry whimpers.]
    Fry: He really is gone.

    Fry: Kill all modern humans!
    Bender: Hey. This guy's alright.


A plaque reading "KILL ALL HUMANS!", at the League of Robots' secret headquarters. [TBwaBB]

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  1. ^ Bender uses this phrase in "Troop Grit".