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Believe it or not, but there are other wikis out there dealing exclusively with Futurama. This page describes these other wikis, while at the same time describing our working and opinion with/of them.


While technically not dealing with Futurama exclusively, Wikipedia has some serious focus on Futurama. However, due to Wikipedia's noticeable requirements, Wikipedia cannot have articles (and even mentions) of everything Futurama.

The Infosphere's general view of Wikipedia is that we are in partnership with Wikipedia; we link a lot to them, and they in turn link to us. They can be considered a competition, but if people want a lot more information on Futurama, they know where to go (i.e. us).

Wikia's Futurama Wiki

Wikia's Futurama wiki is perhaps the biggest other Futurama wiki (the Infosphere is still far larger than Wikia's), which also deals exclusively with Futurama. Wikia's wiki started sometime in 2005, and has since then have had a certain very unsteady contribution degree, from being almost completely dead, to be pretty active.

The Infosphere's view of Wikia's wiki is generally dislike. Not only because they are a direct competition, but also because they have been violated our licence on numerous occasions with regards to attribution. In addition to that, we find that Wikia's wiki's quality is generally a lot lower than that of the Infosphere's. While we too believe that quality over quantity is important, we feel we are still beating at both quality and quantity.

Our contributors are recommended not to also contribute to Wikia's wiki. A general ignoring of them is appreciated. They are simply too far behind to catch with up with us, and their contributors are hardly as dedicated, and their main contributors also vary in performance, and just like their stability, new contributors appear all the time, and the others vanish quickly. At the time of writing, their front page still claims that '"Yo Leela Leela"' is the newest release Futurama media.


The largest German Futurama wiki of a pretty decent quality. It has remained somewhat maintained, but its contributions are stable, yet low.

The Infosphere have been pondering to offer Futuramapedia partnership with the Infosphere, but so far, they have not responded.' Futurama wiki

Interestingly, this Futurama wiki seems to have copied our opening, but at the same time the wiki seems dead. And seems to have been so since 2006.

For this reason, the Infosphere has no relation and opinion of it in any way.

Elwiki's Futurama wiki

Not only dead, it is also down, and current inaccessible.

Wiki-site's Futurama wiki

Another dead wiki of not so decent quality. As of 7 July, 2012, it has only 36 articles.