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First appearanceWorlds of Tomorrow

Hypnotons are substances that are found in space, and are used to counteract the effects of hypnowaves.


In 3017, the Hypnotoad hypnotized Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, making him order the Planet Express crew to take him to Amphibios 9. Once there, the Hypnotoad commenced his buzzing noise, making hypnowaves that revealed the female hypnotoad from a perpendicular universe.

The universe was pulled into the hypnowaves, but Lord Nibbler saved Philip J. Fry from being sucked in as well. They discovered the hypnotons while in space, and Nibbler surmised that they could be used to clear the hypnowaves. Fry worked with Nibbler, then later Professor Farnsworth and the rest of the inhabitants of New New York, to go on space missions to recover more hypnotons to restore Earth and the other planets in the universe.