Hamilton Beach Mammal Mulcher

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Hamilton Beach Mammal Mulcher
Planet Express
UsageGrinds animal meat into sausage
First appearance"Fun on a Bun" (7ACV08)

The Hamilton Beach Mammal Mulcher is a large piece of machinery that grinds up animal meat into sausage. In 3012, Bender digs up a 30,000 year-old wooly mammoth from the icy glaciers of the Neander Valley in Germany and grinds it down into "Mammothwurst" sausage, advancing him to the next round in the Oktoberfest sausage contest. Fry is almost killed by the machine when his hair is caught on the mammoth, but he luckily gets out, albeit without his clothes.

Additional Information


  • Hamilton Beach is a reference to Hamilton Beach Brands, a company known for making home appliances such as restaurant equipment.