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Futurama Madhouse
Futurama Madhouse frontpage.png
The front page of TLZ as of 23rd May, 2009.
TypeFan art collection, news site and knowledge bank
Launched27 July, 1999
Current statusActive

The Futurama Madhouse (formerly known as The Leela Zone, from which its abbreviation comes from, TLZ) is the oldest living Futurama fan site.

The Futurama Madhouse also contains the Futurama Madhouse Message Board.


The Leela Zone was created on 27 July 1999 by Mark LeWald and was the first Futurama fan site to dedicate itself to one character, namely Turanga Leela in this case. Its first initial host was decided 'terrible', but was moved to a stable location with the help of Matthew Riley, who ran There's Something About Futurama, another fan site.

However LeWald was unable to continue the work on The Leela Zone and on 11 January 2000, the site stopped updating and There's Something About Futurama also closed its doors. However, on 1 April 2000, Leonardo Pardini relaunched the website under a new layout and a lot more content and hosted on Can't Get Enough Futurama. The site stayed on CGEF until 11 November 2000, when it moved to Killbots. Later, Killbots became part of the 24/7 Entertainment Network, and later 24/7 was sold to the Smoove Network. By October 2005 the site had run out of space and bandwidth and found a new home on Omnis Networks. By April of 2009 the site was again running out of space and had reached the limits of Omnis' hosting. At the invitation of Svip at The Infosphere, FM/TLZ moved on to The Infosphere's server.

Name change

Due to the cancellation of Futurama and the fact that The Leela Zone had grown beyond a one character dedication site to a general fan site, in August of 2004 the site changed its name to Futurama Madhouse to reflect its more general nature, however the The Leela Zone remains an important part of its history and still appears by its current name to this day.

In addition to this official change, the site has changed its name several other times, mostly for laughs. Examples include Futurama on Drugs, The Futurama Communist Front (complete with a MIDI of the Soviet national anthem), and The Self-Righteous Bitch Zone (shortly after "Parasites Lost" first aired).

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