For Your Eyes Mainly

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For Your Eyes Mainly
For Your Eyes Mainly.png
Exterior of For Your Eyes Mainly, in 3013. [7ACV24] On the sidewalk is a hovercar. On the road is Wernstrom's fishCinnamon.
LocationNew New York
First appearance"Murder on the Planet Express" (7ACV24)

For Your Eyes Mainly is a discount spy store in New New York. Nine works there.

In 3013, Fry went to the store to buy a hidden camera for his bathroom, because he suspected that Bender had been using his toothbrush to polish his shiny metal ass. [7ACV24] Nine sold him a holographic minicam, which films in every direction at once and stores the video on a remote 15-inch floppy disk, and wrapped it up for him in his foil hat. Leela and Hermes also bought hidden cameras, and their floppy disks were the same as Fry's.

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    [Fry walks in the store.]
    Nine: Who sent you?! Why are you dressed like Fry?!


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