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Tertiary character
Reading Vladimir's will. [2ACV18]
Planet of originEarth, Robo-Hungary, Thermostadt
First appearance"The Honking" (2ACV18)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche
This article is about the lawyer. For the network executives, see Execu-bots.

Execu-Tor is a lawyer in Robo-Hungary, and likely the personal lawyer of Bender's uncle Vladimir. He is a partner in the law offices of Prosecutron 900-B, Execu-Tor & Prosecutron 900-C, Solicitors. Upon Vladimir's death in the year 3001, Execu-Tor met with Vladimir's relatives and butler in his office for the reading of the will. [2ACV18] Nine years later, he attended Planet Express's 100th-delivery party. [6ACV12]

Additional info



His office sign.

    Execu-Tor: [reading] To my loyal butler, You There, for his decades of service, I leave a pittance, to be paid in twenty equal installments of one-twentieth of a pittance each.
    [You There bursts into tears.]
    Execu-Tor: To my lazy, spoiled son, Tandy, who never learned the value of a dollar, I leave my entire $10 million fortune.
    [Tandy leans over to a Fembot.]
    Tandy: [whispering] Is that a lot?
    Execu-Tor: [reading] And to my loving nephew, Bender, assuming he's not responsible for my death, I leave my castle.
    Bender: Yes! Let's stay there tonight.
    Execu-Tor: [reading] On condition that he spend one night within its walls.
    Bender: Oh, man, there's always a catch!