Chanukah Zombie

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Secondary character
Chanukah Zombie
Chanukah Zombie.png
The Chanukah Zombie at Santa's Workshop, in 3007. [BBS]
ProfessionHoliday figure
First appearanceBender's Big Score
Voiced byMark Hamill

Like how Robot Santa represents Xmas and Kwanzaa-bot represents Kwanzaa, the Chanukah Zombie is the holiday figure for Chanukah. He held a luau at the B'nai B'rith on Xmas Eve 3002, inviting Santa and Kwanzaa-bot. [3ACV03] According to the media he was once wanted by the police.

During Xmas 3007, he became a victim of the scammers and, to get revenge, formed the Holiday Trinity with his friends, Kwanzaa-bot and Robot Santa. [BBS] He helped construct weapons to aid in the recapturing of Earth from the scammers.

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