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This article is about the network from Bender's Big Score. For other uses, see Fox.
Box Network
Box Network.gif
LocationNew New York
Planet of locationEarth
First appearance"Futurama Returns" (US#S02)

The Box Network is a company that oversees the delivery industry. It has the power to take away a company's delivery license, and it did this to Planet Express in 3005. But two years later the mindless droning executives at the network were fired, savagely beaten up, and then ground into Torgo's Executive Powder, requiring new management to be placed. The new leaders renewed Planet Express's license and allowed them to reenter the delivery business.

The network has a large neon sign on its building with the words "Box Network," but it often flickers on and off in a way that made "Box" look like "Fox".

Additional Info


  • The Box Network is an obvious parody of the Fox Network and a reference to the fact that Futurama was cancelled and no longer aired on the Fox channel in 2005.
  • Since Planet Express was previously thought to be an independent delivery company, Box was likely created for the two purposes of explaining the lack of broadcasting and to insult Fox.