Borax Kid

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Tertiary character
Borax Kid
Borax Kid.png
The Borax Kid introduces himself to the Planet Express crew. [6ACV20]
SpeciesRock alien
Planet of originNeutopia
First appearance"Neutopia"
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

The Borax Kid is a rock alien and a probable inhabitant of Neutopia. In 3011, [6ACV20] he won fifty dollars in a bet he had made with the big rock alien, presumably about whether or not a group of Earthican people among which was the Planet Express crew would manage to work together while on their planet, and went to Earth to return their genders, when the big rock alien was killed before being able to do so itself.

Additional Info


  • His name suggests that he is made of borax, or sodium borate, a compound derived from boron.
  • His appearance and voice characterisation appear to be based upon the attributes of the 1930s and '40s motion picture actor Clark Gable, particularly as seen in his portrayal of Rett Butler in Gone With the Wind.
  • He has owned Bender's hands on two separate occasions. Once in "Zapp Dingbat" and again in "Assie Come Home."


    Big rock alien: I find both genders supremely disappointing. The real reason I administered this bizarre, outer-space test was to teach you to work together! But you couldn't. Thanks to you, I lost my bet with the Borax Kid.

    Big rock alien: Is that you, Borax Kid? I've got your fifty bucks.

    Fry: Who're you, stranger?
    Borax Kid: Well, madam, folks called me the Borax Kid. My friend, the other rock Alien, died without settin' your genitals to right, so I reckon it's up to me to sex you up proper. [The Borax Kid turns the men into women and the women into men.] Well, I'd best mosey on down to the landing. Sounds like the Feldspar Queen is about to set sail. You folks watch your genitals now. [The Borax Kid leaves.] [On top of his meteor ship.] Come on, boy! Giddy up!

    Leela's mother: Imagine! Me, a girl from the sewer, meeting a man made entirely of detergent!