Bogad swamp "horse"

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Bogad swamp "horse"
Futurama Game Zoidberg Horse.jpg
First appearanceFuturama (video game)

The Bogad swamp "horse" is a reptilian-like creature from the planet Bogad, at the corner of the universe. It lives in a swamp, laden with traps and pitfalls, near the home of the Professor's friend Adoy. When Fry, Bender and Leela visited Bogad to find Adoy, [console game] they met up with Zoidberg. Zoidberg found the animal and took a liking to it, as he was able to ride it as a horse. The crew sent Zoidberg on a mission to activate Adoy's time tunneller, by riding the "horse" through the swamp. However, once they completed the mission, the two were left behind.

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