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Tertiary character
Bob Uecker
Bob Uecker's head.png
Date of birth26 January, 1935
First appearance"A Leela of Her Own" (3ACV16)
Voiced byBob Uecker
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This article is about the Futurama character. For the real person, see Bob Uecker.

Bob Uecker is a 20th-century sportscaster, and he still exists in the 31st century as a head in a jar. He presented many blernsball matches, including the last, where Leela played as a New New York Met when he declared her the worse blernsball player ever (3ACV16). He says he once saw Mr. Belvedere (whom a character he played in an eponymous 20th-century TV show, George Owens, befriended) naked.

Additional Info


    Bob Uecker's head: I haven't seen play that bad since the days of Bob Uecker.

    Bob Uecker's head: Well, fans, Boston's turning the last game into a real "squeeker"! And that's with three Es! Two men on and they're down to their last out.