Annual e-Waste Recycling Festival

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Annual e-Waste Recycling Festival
E-waste annual festival.png
Celebrated whenEvery year
Celebrated whereNew New York
Celebrated byNew New Yorkers
First held2977 or 2978
First appearance"Attack of the Killer App" (6ACV03)

The Annual e-Waste Recycling Festival is an e-waste recycling festival occurring every year in New New York, wherein citizens are encouraged to throw out old electronic appliances. Its 33rd or 34th occurrence led the Planet Express crew to dump e-waste on the Third World of the Antares system in 3010 (6ACV03). Along the e-waste dumped in the last festival are an Elect-O-Matic 3000, a little robot, Doomsday devices by Professor Farnsworth, a Japanese toilet, Flexo himself and a lot more things. Also, Bender finds the event a good place to ditch some evidence.

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