A Terrifying Message from Al Gore

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"You're in a movie?"

A Terrifying Message from Al Gore is a 2006 short film created as a trailer for An Inconvenient Truth. An Inconvenient Truth is a 2006 documentary film about global warming presented by Al Gore. ATM was made in a similar style to Futurama's animation and features Bender.


Al Gore warns us about global warming; however Bender interrupts saying it's better for robots because there will be more beer for them. Gore continues to warn us until Bender belches out polluting gases. After finding out Gore is in a movie, Bender questions who he plays, but later decides it is boring because there is no action. Gore has had enough and hits Bender continuously with a blernsball bat. Gore finally reminds us to recycle, with Bender in a recycling bin.

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    Bender: What do you play? A burned out cop, a street wise pimp?