Worlds War I

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Worlds War I
Date1915 (alternate timeline)
LocationThe 200 light years from Earth to the Omicron Persei Empire.
ResultOmicronians canceled the war, when they believed that Earth's stupidity was contagious.
Appearance"The Time Bender Trilogy: Part 2" (US#018)
Side ASide B
The Omicron Persei Empire
Many races that believe this war to be injust.
Omicron Emperor (possibly Lrrr)Unknown
Many warships.Many soldiers from many planets, armed with laser rifles.
At least 5 warships.At least 2 soldiers

Worlds War I started because Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth's time machine sent all the Earthicans back to the time of the dinosaurs, which caused their evolution to speed up. The Omicron Persei Empire believed them to be a threat and attacked Earth. Several other planets joined forces with Earth. The war was ended by Philip J. Fry when he was sent to a P.O.W. Camp and the Omicronians found out that the Earthicans were stupid and called back all their forces. This made Fry win the 1917 Savey Awards.

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