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All, 'cept [[Bender's Game]] and [[Into the Wild Green Yonder]].
All, 'cept [[Into the Wild Green Yonder]].

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Title Screen (clean).jpg This user is a Futurama fan.
AL1 This user is fluent in Alien Language 1.
BWABBp3.jpg This user shalt love the tentacle!
Robot Elders.jpg This user must kill all Humans.
Amy Leela Combat.jpg This user sometimes wishes they were animated.
Time Paradox Duplicate.jpg This user is a Time paradox duplicate
Planet Express Logo.png This user would like to work at Planet Express.
Space Pilot 3000.jpg This user "proved them".
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Species: "Human"
Planet of Origin: Earth
Voiced By: Me
Born: I don't know...
Fan since: Space Pilot 3000

Hello Futurama-ians, I am Chris, Chris of the Futurama.

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All, 'cept Into the Wild Green Yonder.