Tunneling Horror

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Tertiary character
Cornwood character
Tunneling Horror
Tunnelling Horror.png
First appearanceBender's Game
Voiced byFrank Welker

The Tunneling Horror was a monster living in the Cave of Hopelessness in Cornwood. The monster was widely known for its terror, which it spread tunnelling the Cave of Hopelessness. Noticeably, the discoverer of the Cave of Hopelessness, Reginald Hopelessness, was also the first man ever to be eaten alive by the Tunneling Horror.

The Tunneling Horror met its end when The Fellowship finally engaged with it to pass through the cave. Using the Die of Power, Frydo grew to proportional size to defeat the Tunneling Horror, at which it shrank to the size of a worm and crept away.

Additional Info


  • At his worm-size he bears a ressemblance with the last Dark One